9 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say Something Nice”

  1. I like it. Nice picture and awesome post.

    Hopefully you will have something nice to say tomorrow. I will even try to be good today. Although I do have to write a bunch of reviews so I am sure I will be in a great mood by 4pm. How do you nicely say “For the love of god please learn to think for yourself” oh yeah and you have to be constructive about it too.

    1. Andy,
      So I take it that you like my posts that are easily digestible and straight to the point. I get that. I had a bunch of things to say so maybe tonight will be more verbose about what is going on.

      I think you are on to something with “Please for the love of god.” For one you are polite, you are loving and invoking god in a zen-like way. Who couldn’t respond positively to that.

    1. Kevin,

      Everything that matters is okay. I couldn’t focus my brain last night from the anger I was feeling in order to properly compose a post. I’m more clear headed now.

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