iFrogz Headphones for my Little Tadpole

iFrogz Headphones for my Little Tadpole
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I worked from home today. What I usually do on Thursdays when I work from home is I work on some video production. I’ve been asked to help on on various special projects as of late and that suits me just fine. I love the chance to get to use the special talents that I have and get paid to do so. Sometimes when I am home I need to keep Eva entertained so that I can get work done. She likes to take things off the desk and hand them to me. She took my headphones of the desk (big giant Sony ones) and tried to put them on. I knew it was finally time that we could try out the iFrogz Tadpole set that I had gotten for her when she was born (yeah I was too excited about this product)

The Tadpole is a an iPod case that was custom designed for kids. Look at the photo above. Eva is holding on to the case with the handles on either side. Those are 100% silicone and the case is a nice fun bright purple and the headphones include a bright green also. This iFrogz device converts my old iPod into a portable children’s entertainment device. I have a 5th or 6th gen (I can’t remember the gens) 80GB iPod Video. I upgraded tot he iPod Touch and never looked back. I’d love to see iFrogz create a Tadpole set for the iPod touch for when we upgrade those devices. I like that I was able to re-purpose something I already owned sot hat my daughter could enjoy it. I also got a funky tie dye wheel art for it which serves two purposes. it looks cool and it discourages Eva from thinking that she can control the iPod herself (not yet at least).

If you may be worries about Eva’s hearing… don’t. I set the volume controls on the iPod to be very, very low and because of that she is unable to make the volume higher either on purpose or accidentally. And she loves watching her Tinkerbell movie on it. We just got the 10th Anniversary Tigger movie too and that has a digital copy that I need to synch with the iPod as well.

So, speaking of IFrogz and talking again today about things iPod related I went and ordered my Dad a nice set of items from iFrogz that he can use to keep his new iPod safe and still show off the fancy Harley-Davidson Logo. Interesting that Dad is more of a cool Rockstar than I am. He’s got the Harley-Davidson to go along with the iPod. That is something I really want someday. I miss my motorcycle. It wasn’t a Harley but it was fun to ride.

Today I checked out a few very cool things. One I learned about from Chris Pirillo. It is called Your World of Text. The cool thing about this is that you can type in YourWorldOfText.com/ANYTHING. So I created http://www.yourworldoftext.com/benspark hop on over and drop a little note, maybe some old school ASCII art or something. How about your twitter name. Whatever you’d like as long as it is something you’d say to my face. 🙂

The other cool or rather interesting thing I worked with today was creating a Twibbon for people going to IZEAFest. I had a hard time making that initially but eventually I got it right, you can go and support the fact that you are going to IZEAFEst by going to http://twibbon.com/join/IZEAFest-2009 It totally works right now.

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