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Eva and Bright Stripes Set

We received the watercolor blends + ink set from Bright Stripes for free to use and review. Opinions are our own.

Art is very important in our house. Maybe not so much the display of art but the creation of art. Both Eva and Andy are good artists. Eva had her birthday the other day and over half of the gifts she received were art supply related. So when I was given the chance to check out one of the iHeartArt sets from Bright Stripes I had Eva look at the choices and decide which she would like to try out. She choose the watercolor blends + ink set which included 10 fine line pens, 8 watercolor pastels, a water brush pen, 25-page art pad and a Techniques Guide.

The technique guides are invaluable parts of these sets. Kids love experimenting and the guides give them some great instruction on trying out things they might not have thought of doing.

When the set arrived Eva got right to work on a little project that she was doing for school. Each year the kids make a piece of art through Square One Art and she used the watercolor blends + ink set to get her plans together for her artwork this year. This is what she started with

Bright Stripes Set

working off of those ideas Eva then created her final piece which included a quote “Life is tough my darling but so are you” – Stephanie Bennett Henery. But in the photo below you can see how she experimented with the pastels and watercolor brush before she completed her final project. Having the 25 page art pad included with the set is nice because she can do everything in one place.

Bright Stripes Planning and Execution

Below you can read more about how Bright Stripes and their iHeartArt series of art sets is giving back through Art Feeds International. That is something that we are happy to know and will support a company like this that gives back.

Retailers And Parents Alike Praise This Premium Line Of Art Materials That Donates Back To Art Feeds’ International Program

Bloomfield, NJ (September 13, 2020) – Give a kid a blank piece of paper and a fistful of gel pens and watch what happens. Creativity sparks, drawing from their imagination to doodle or draw a masterpiece. One brand of premium art supplies – watercolors, sketch pads, fine-tip markers, all-in-one portfolio sets and more– has found the perfect spot between chunky crayons and professional tools to empower the next generation of artistic expression. Say hello to iHeartArt and its rollout of the Fall 2020 Collection of rich bold art supplies at family-budget prices (starting with 18 Oil Pastels at $4.49 or 12 Brush Tip + Fine Tip Markers at $6.99).

This stunning Fall 2020 line comes with a “good news” factor for every purchase. The designer and distributor Bright Stripes gives 5% profits of every iHeartArt purchase to Art Feeds International division (artfeeds.org). This nonprofit equips schools and children’s organizations with resources to create spaces where children’s creativity and expression thrive. In the midst of the new normal of children attending school from their kitchen table, this dynamic combination of children’s supplies and a method of expression has never been more important.

“We created iHeartArt to fill a need we saw for older kids who love art but can’t find any supplies that are just for them,” reveals Bright Stripes partner Eric von Stein. “We empower kids by giving them step-by-step Artist Technique Guides in each and every supply that shows kids how to use the materials.” He adds, “The guides even include a practice project to get kids started right away!”

Which tools to draw with is a personal preference. iHeartArt gives kids exposure to various tools from gel pens to markers to oil pastels. Create everything from broad strokes to fine detail with the sturdy and versatile cone-shaped nib in the 12 Cone Tip Markers set ($4.99). With a rubber comfort grip for artists ages 6 and up, the 6-pack of Neon Gel Pens ($4.99) provides a long-lasting ink supply in neon bright colors.

If paint and brush is more your child’s style, check out the perfect travel watercolor set, 24 Watercolors + Water Brush Set ($23.99). With two dozen rich, high quality watercolor cakes in a compact case with water brush pen, it’s easy to take with you to the backyard or on a hike. The mixing palette pops out of the case, and the removable sponges help clean the brush. It also comes with a techniques guide to help get those create juices flowing.

With holiday or birthday present shopping on everyone’s To Do List, iHeartArt has created Mash-Up kits with everything an emerging artist would love, like making pop art with the Batik FX Mash-Up Art Pack ($29.99). This handy kit is ideal for all genders and grades from elementary to high school level. Young artists can use oil pastels, masking tape, and wet on wet techniques with the various watercolors to create dramatic lines, different gradients and textures. Click on iHeartArt’s YouTube channel for inspiration using this and other Mash-Up kits.

The six Mash-Up packs in the Fall 2020 Collection are contained in sturdy, high-quality binders with magnetic closures. Mediums range from glitter and gel pens to watercolor blends and inks. Mash-Up Art Pack Bold + Bright is priced at a gift-giving-friendly $19.99 and comes with an impressive 8 gel pens, 8 markers, 12 watercolors, a 25- page art pad and an Art Guide. The Mash Up Art Pack Watercolor Blends + Ink ($19.99) features creamy watercolor pastels that blend like paint when using the water brush pens.

With more than two dozen new items coming to a toy and gift store near you, the artsy choices are something to behold! A sketch pad is an emerging artist’s must-have friend awaiting inspiration and color. iHeartArt offers four choices – 120-sheet spiral Artist Sketch Pad ($4.49); 290-sheet Watercolor Postcard Pad ($5.99); 12-sheet Watercolor Art Pad ($7.49) and 3-1 Combo Pad of sketch, tracing and watercolor sheets ($12.99).

Watch this space since many more supplies are coming down the pike in 2021 including fineline pens, paints, more pads and other innovative combo sets.

Whether parents and grandparents purchase these beautiful supplies online or in stores, they will notice the artwork on the packaging. It was made by youngsters using the very supplies in the box! Flip the package over to see the name of the young artist. What a way to inspire kids to use their artistic expression, just waiting to be put to paper!

About Bright Stripes
Enriching kids of all ages and stripes, co-founders and partners Sabre Mrkva and Eric von Stein have been working in the Toy and Children’s Product space collectively for over 20 years. They believe in the power of creative play to empower kids to create the world they want to live in. With a synergistic vision for innovative products and graphics, Sabre and Eric have developed blockbuster product lines with Alex Toys, Slinky, Shrinky Dinks, Scientific Explorer, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Dylan’s Candy Bar, among others. They excel at transforming inspiration into market-ready, eye-catching product packaged in dynamic, trend-right graphics. Today they have teamed up with top-quality manufacturers to create charming lines of products for kids of all stripes!

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