I’ll Be Here All Week

Photo-A-Day #1673

Tonight Allison and I went to the Attleboro Firefighters charity comedy event. Tonight was a date night for us. We brought Eva to my Aunt Corrine’s house to stay over. Other than her trip with Dan and Marcia, Eva has not been overnight anywhere yet without us. After we dropped off Eva we went to the Havana Cafe for dinner and then over to the Mansfield Holiday Inn for the show.

As a rule we have the absolute worst luck picking seats. Tonight… no exception. We got there right before the show started and found ourselves some seats. Things started off fine but as the night wore on the people sitting next to us forgot that they were out in public. One guy especially, let’s call him D.B.. D.B. was in his forties, has spent ample time at the gym and the tanning salon, big ol’ watch couple of earrings and some frosted tips. He also figured that he’d add to each and every joke that the comedians told. When people around us got sick enough of his loud mouth the shushes came out. “I gave them a grand, I can talk if I want to!” Can’t argue with that. No… really you can’t. You can’t reason with drunk and entitled.

D.B. aside, the comedians were pretty good. We started with Tony V, I like him, funny guy. We saw him at the Loren and Wally comedy show a few months back and we liked him then too. The second comedian was Greg Murphy. I also liked him. Let’s face it I liked all four of the comedians. I laugh easily and people amuse me. Actually I was even amused by D.B., not that he was funny or anything but with the extreme absurdity of the things he said. We did have a fun time though. Thanks very much for the tickets from our friend Neil.

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