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Imagine Neighborhood

A new podcast has been launched for parents and children to listen to together. The new podcast is called Imagine Neighborhood and is hosted by Scotty Iseri. I was able to listen to the first two episodes early to see what I thought. The episodes are geared to children from 3-6 years old and is part of getting them ready for school. Each episode touches on different topics that can spark conversation between parents and children.

In the first episode where we meet Count Vacula we talk about feeling anxious and scared. I thought that the way the episode presented this was very interesting and could have been great for my own kids early on. Not only did the episode talk about feeling scared but it related how your body actually feels when you are scared or anxious or worried. Relating that feeling to parts of a song was very helpful. That was something I had never thought of before.

In the second episode we talk about being excited. Part of the episode talked about active listening and being engaged with each other. We then learn more about how your body can get too excited. Being too excited where you can’t control yourself. Definitely something that parents can relate to regarding kids bouncing off the walls. I do like how the shows ask parents and kids how their bodies feel in relation to the topics. If kids can be aware of how their body is responding they can better identify how they are feeling.

The nice thing about these episodes is that they identify feelings and have good strategies to deal with them. Calming techniques, techniques to feel braver and more. You can listen to Imagine Neighborhood on many platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.


Have You Met Princess Donnasaurus? Whimsical Characters Starring In Ten Short Story Episodes Bring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Into Every Home Seattle, WA (March 3, 2020) – You may already listen to podcasts. You may have some podcasts that your kids listen to. But what if the podcast you listen to could help you be a better parent, and help your child be ready for kindergarten?

As you sit with your preschooler listening to a podcast, a story unfolds about a birthday party for a royal dino named Princess Donnasaurus. On another episode, an adventure involves the need to cross a street made of lava! Over the course of the podcast season you both look forward to hearing a tale knowing you’ll have wide grins and even wider eyes as your imagination takes over. And hopefully, your hearts grow bigger with the lessons to be learned with each story. That’s the magic behind The Imagine Neighborhood podcast series coming in March. Discover this enchanting series where Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is learned and kindness becomes contagious at

Each 15-minute episode uses a story to help describe an important Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skill, such as recognizing and dealing with angry feelings. The fun-to-listen-to podcast series is free to download, with no advertisements. Grownups can find them on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher, or anywhere podcasts are found.

The Imagine Neighborhood is one of the first podcasts designed for adults and their children to listen to together. It brings important parental lessons into the home and informal learning environments. Episode One’s Count Vacula, debuting on March 16, asks children to ponder being frightened. Does your heart pound? Or does your tummy feel tight? Count Vacula admits he too feels scared sometimes. By the end of the short story youngsters learn how to talk about the sensations being scared creates and how to deal with feeling afraid (especially when their grown-ups leave for work). The interactive prompts guide mom or dad to kick start these important conversations at an age-appropriate level.

Every weekly podcast can be saved for a carpool ride or played while snuggling on the couch. Grownups can turn on and off the podcast as their child responds. With audio stories, children use their imagination to picture the characters, the surroundings of the story and the spontaneous urge to open their eyes wide, giggle or frown! Two 15-minute adventures debut on the first day of the Spring 2020 Podcast schedule. Episodes are geared to youngsters ages 3 to 6 years old, but grownups will be equally captivated by the storytelling from award-winning actors with a sprinkling of songs. The podcasts use pop songs to help kids talk about their feelings. For example, J. Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud” is played to help kids learn about using a loud voice for safety. Or Brian Eno’s “Deep Blue Day” is used to talk about how their body feels when they’re calm.

March 16 Introducing Count Vacula
March 16 The Clouds Are Made of Cake
March 23 Lava Avenue
March 30 Macho Supreme Has An Accident
April 13 Phone Gremlin

April 20 Princess Donnasaurus’ birthday
April 27 Macho Needs an Oven
May 11 Macho’s New Spaceship
May 18 Attack of the Angry Ogre
May 25 Saying Goodbye Can Be Hard

This new series is presented by Committee for Children (, which has led the charge for 40 years to make a positive impact on children through social-emotional learning. Lessons learned can transform a community and beyond! Imagine Neighborhood podcasts encourage co-listening with parents and children to build empathy, grow kinder, resolve conflicts and thrive. getting along, handling their emotions, and solving problems.” SEL can sometimes be called things like EQ, Mindfulness, or “life skills.”

Podcast creator and host Scotty Iseri is a veteran producer and creator of stories. He spent 10 years as a media producer for Chicago Public Radio and nationally syndicated programs such as the HIV Talk Radio Project, and Smart City Radio. As a fellow at the Center for Asian American Media, Scotty created the award-winning mobile app and video program The Digits. He’s the inventor of the Paper Hat Game.
“We knew we had to meet parents where they were. As a single dad working full time, I know this is something every parent can use, and we hope they will feel the same,” said Iseri, the show’s creator and host. “Parenting can be really challenging, and sometimes it can be helpful to have conversations using the context of a fun story. Robots and Dinosaurs can make it easier to talk about the big feelings that happen when you’re growing up.”

At the end of each episode, Scotty asks the listeners “How were you kind today?” This reminder builds kindness in children and adults…couldn’t we all use a reminder to be kind on daily basis?

“We’ve been creating award-winning, evidence-based SEL programs for schools for nearly 40 years. We realized it was time to be where the kids first need us, with their families,” said Executive Producer Mia Doces, VP of innovation. “The genius in this show is the journey it takes you on. Parents and kids can listen to the stories and enjoy them but that isn’t where it ends. Our early tests show that parents are really finding the show entertaining, and they also appreciate how easy it makes it to talk about challenging topics like their kids’ feelings.”

Learn more about Imagine Neighborhood — a podcast where we use our imaginations to talk about the things that matter most, with the people that matter most to us – at

About Committee for Children
Committee for Children is on a mission to ensure children everywhere can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Best known for our innovative social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula that blend research and rigor with intuitive program design, we empower children and their adults with skills that help them realize their goals in the classroom and throughout their lives. Our Second Step Curriculum is 35 years old and is used by more than half of U.S. elementary schools. Since 1979, we’ve been connecting experts in the field to share experiences and advance the cause of educating the whole child. A force in advocacy, we’re helping pass policies and legislation that place importance on creating safe and supportive learning environments. Today, our social-emotional learning and child safety programs reach more than 14 million children in over 70 countries worldwide. By lifting up children today, we’re helping them create a safe and positive society for the future. Learn more at

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