In Plain Sight: A Fine Meth

If you haven’t watched the episode do so now, their are spoilers below.

Last night In Plain Sight had its 1st season finale. In twelve episodes we met Mary, Marshall, Stan, Jinx, Brandi, Bobby D. and Raphael. We learned about Mary’s life in little snippets. We saw her go from a cold and distant person to opening up more and more as the season progressed. Last night her personal and professional lives came crashing together in a big way.

I haven’t been posting religiously on the episodes of In Plain Sight because I missed a few and had to go back and watch them on However in the last 4 episodes on the season we see things leading to a resolution of the Brandi/suitcase of drugs problem. We see Chuck contact Brandi to go and sell the drugs. Brandi attempts to do this but has a change of heart when she finds that the people she is going to sell to have a baby that they are keeping in the bathtub of a dingy motel. Brandi goes to the hotel room twice and on the second trip she gives the baby “biscuit bear” a teddy bear that Mary gave t Brandi when Brandi was 4 years old. Then Brandi calls the police on the couple and heads to Raph’s house.

Raph and Brandi became very close this whole season. Mary couldn’t help Raph with his injury after his botched proposal so she pawned him off on Brandi. However Brandi didn’t want to spend time with him but eventually became friends with him and started to fall in love with him. She even went and tossed the drugs in the river. They ended up on the riverbank though so she could go back and get them later. Brandi spending time with Raph made Mary jealous and suspicious and she finds Brandi asleep in Raph’s lap and assumes the worst.

Because Brandi bagged out on the drug deal the potential buyer sought revenge and went to kidnap Chuck and then kidnap Brandi. However they kidnap Mary instead. Spanky kills Chuck in front of Mary. Mary tries to bargain her way out of the situation but a police report reveals that she is a US Marshall, Spanky orders his lackey to kill Mary. But the lackey has other plans before he does that. Mary remains extremely composed and incapacitates the would be rapist then breaks free of her shackles by spinning the eye hook around until she can pull it from the wall. She then kills her attacker.

This is everything that led up to last night’s episode.

Last night we see Mary finally lay into her mother and sister about everything. Mary cannot tell them what she does, she cannot help Brandi in her situation either. If Mary does she will end up out and disgraced. She cannot and will not let that happen.

While Mary is dealing with her family Stan and Marshall are investigating Spanky and trying to find a way to protect Mary. They finally stumble upon the fact that Spanky is the father of the baby boy that Brandi gave Biscuit to in “To Serge With Love”. This gives them a bargaining chip which leads to a confession by Spanky that Brandi was a pawn in the drug buy plan.

Meanwhile Mary confronts her mother and sister and reveals that her father has been writing to her throughout her life. Mary pulls out a box of letters and drops them in front of Jinx and Brandi. This is after Jinx, spiteful and hateful that she is, says to Mary that when she told Mary that she was her father’s favorite that she was just comforting a young girl. One of the best lines of the night was when Mary tells Jinx. “Oh no you don’t get to rewrite history” And then she gets the box of letters. This was probably the best part of the whole episode because it laid everything out on the table, there was great tension and some good acting from the ladies. Brandi even gets angry enough to rip up a letter. And the anguish on Mary’s face was incredible. Brandi Storms out and Jinx asks if she can read through the letters. Mary says yes.

Raph shows up, drunk. He wants to explain what happened with Brandi, Here we learn that Biscuit was Mary’s bear that she gave to Brandi and would take it back after Brandi went to sleep. Raph explained that Brandi gave Biscuit away and was so afraid that it was the one thing that tied them together and now it was gone. Raph’s appearance gives MAry a change of heart.

Later Mary enters Jinx’s room and tells Brandi to tell her everything. Mary is again going to clean up the problems of her family. She takes the bag and heads out to get rid of it. She gets in Jinx’s car and peels out, she gets about 10 feet and the police close in. The FBI agent has a warrant to search the house and any vehicles. They start with the suitcase int he back seat of the car. It ends up being filled with towels. So the FBI and police tear up Mary’s house. When Mary, Brandi and Jinx are let back in the place is in shambles, walls and ceilings are torn up. Things are damaged and Marshall attempts to start cleaning up. Mary says no and lets them leave. Brandi and Jinx confer with each other and wonder how the drugs got switched with the towels. Mary seemed surprised as well. So we are left wondering, what happened to the drugs. We see Raph at batting practice and I know what happened to the drugs. But in case you couldn’t figure it out there was a close look at the chalk line roller.

Of course, what I want to know is, when did this happen? Was it when Brandi went to Raph’s house in “To Serge with Love”? It had to be because that is when Brandi had the drugs on her. Raph isn’t the dummy that we think he is, he’s pretty smart and a good balance for Mary. I hope we see more of him in the next season.

Ack we have to wait until next summer.

I admit the series started slow and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it at first but it has certainly grown on me, the characters have developed well and the storyline overall was good. I look forward to seeing next season.

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4 thoughts on “In Plain Sight: A Fine Meth”

  1. This is my favorite new show of the summer. I thought it was funny and exciting and I was sad to know I have to wait until next summer! I’m a tv what do you expect?!?!

    I think you are right and that Raph switched the towels and the meth at his house BUT wouldn’t Brandi have noticed that when she picked it up? My suspicion is that bags of powdered meth might weigh a bit more than towels. I wasn’t happy with the fact that it was spread on the baseball field either. All you need is a good breeze and some kid gets a noseful of that…it was a little weak.

    Wow…I thought I said I liked this show!! Ha!

    Mo’s last blog post..Bob is famous! Again!!

  2. Well, there is the baseball thing Mo. I figure that anyone coming to the game might get high when a dust storm kicks up. But then again the runners will stomp it all into the ground pretty quickly.

    The show is a very good one and I especially liked how the family had it out, that was so needed.

  3. I watched the whole season and I still can’t tell you if I like the show. Seems like there was almost too much focus on Mary’s personal life, like it was filler. I watched every episode, but it was more of a chore than it should be. Will be interesting to see how season 2 progresses.

    Bill’s last blog post..IT Governance Certifications

  4. Bill,

    The first few episodes were tough to get into and I was in the same boat as you, however as the season progressed it made more sense and the show grew on me.

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