iPad… Well, I’m Pooped

Photo-A-Day #1922

This weather is sapping my energy completely. I work in an air conditioned office all day but when I leave the heat and humidity just crashes down on me so oppressively. Couple that with a late night visit last evening from Eva and you have a perfect storm of energy loss.

Because of that I had no energy or inspiration to take a great picture so I took a picture of a great picture that I had taken previously. The photo is from my cousin Erin’s wedding and I love it so much, it really speaks to me. So every time I turn on the iPad I get to see Eva looking so cute and looking off to the future. I was also pretty tired so I’m writing my post on Wednesday instead of Tuesday (I know I’m breaking the 4th wall here, sometimes I write my post the day after when I am fresher, the photo, the photo is always taken on the day it is supposed to, no matter what.) It could be though that Allison and I have discovered a quirky time suck of a game called Godfinger.

Photo Information

Date Taken: July 13, 2010
Camera: Motorola
Model: DROID (My Flickr)
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1/10 sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: Yes
Mode: N/A

So, Godfinger is the game where you start with a little world and there is one follower, you can affect the landscape and directly interact with the lives of the followers. Their lives consist of working to generate gold or being exhausted and needing to rest. Your job is to give the little followers rain, sun and sometimes lightning. You can pick up followers and “move” them from place to place. You can also flick them so they go flying through the air, which is funny because you get rewards for the longest follower toss. I’m sure the game will lose its appeal but for now it is a fun little 5 minute diversion.

What I’m really using the iPad for is reading my Kindle books. Yes, I have a Kindle but the functionality on the iPad is so much better plus with Whispersync I can now read the same book on 4 devices seamlessly. That is something that the iTunes bookstore cannot do. I cannot read my iBooks on my Droid but I can read my Kindle Books. So I have many options for reading. I think that if I charge all the devices I could almost finish one of Terry Goodkind’s books without having to worry about recharging. That would be if any of the rest of his books get on Kindle.

Oh and the blue sides are from my iFrogz cover for my iPad. I love their stuff.

So, I check my followers on Godfinger right before bed and then check my email (I’m an e-mail junkie and will explain my e-mail methodology for an empty inbox someday). However, that is not the point. The point is that I went to bed with some fantastic news. I found out that my session for Blog World Expo was selected. The session is titled Content You Can Care About. This is my description of the session.

“Drew will take bloggers on a trip through various photo, video and audio hosting sites. Drew will get up close and personal with Flickr, YouTube and many other sites. Blogging is a multimedia medium but many bloggers are not taking advantage of all the free and paid tools available to make their content even more compelling. With Drew’s array of digital cameras, digital video cameras and personal cell phone he will teach the audience many ways to capture compelling content to share with their blog audiences.”

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get the ideas in my head onto a presentation and I may see about using Keynote to do it, but we’ll see. As far as I can tell it is a solo presentation and I am really excited about that.

In other conference news. My proposed session for M3: Modern Media Man got made into a panel, but not to worry. I spoke with my partner for the session, Paul Bowers this morning and he and I hashed out a great idea for the session, it is similar in scope to the one for Blog World Expo but split more into how to take great photos with simple devices and then the ways to get them onto your blog.

Eventually I will write up the session that I wanted to do, Dad as Digital Historian, as a series of blog posts that everyone can benefit from.

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  1. That is a really good feature to sync your Kindle books on all devices so you continue where you left off no matter which device you are on. I am still hoping to save up for an iPad, I have envy right now.

    1. Justin,

      the great thing is that both Allison and I can read books off the same account at the same time across multiple devices. We’re loving the iPad.

  2. the resolution of ipad makes us forgot all the features missing in it. and didn’t we can sync with kindle. will be getting an iPad soon.

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