Iron Man 3 Date Night

Photo-A-Day #2946

Tonight Allison and I went to see Iron Man 3. It was a date night for us and we haven’t had a night out to ourselves since we went to learn how to make Sushi last month. This time we got out early and went to Patriot Place for dinner at Toby Keith’s. We had a nice meal and then stopped in at EMS and Life is Good. At Life is Good We each got one of the Boston shirts for the One Fund. The Front says Boston and the back says “Nothing is Stronger than Love”. We both liked the shirts and wanted to help in some small way with The One Fund.

We then went to the theater where we had Lux level seats for the 9pm show. This was our first time ever at the LUX level and it was pretty nice. We had special seats where we could push a button and or server would come to take our order or help us with anything. The menu lit up so you could see it in the dark and so did the bill when that came. We split this delicious brownie box that had three different kinds of brownies and strawberries and whipped cream. It was delicious.

We both enjoyed Iron Man 3. I think it was better than the second one because it had a lot more character development than the second movie. Here we see Tony Stark who has gone from a brilliant engineer to a super hero, who all but died in the Avengers movie and who is now haunted by what he has seen. He can’t sleep and another misstep from his past is coming back to bite him. Will hardcore Iron Man fans like this movie. That depends upon how attached to one of Iron Man’s greatest enemies they are. The Mandarin in this movie was an interesting take on the character to say the least. I’m pretty sure that many people are not going to be happy about it. His role in this movie did make for a good story though.

I like where Tony Stark went as a character. His story arc continues to improve and make him one of the most charismatic Avengers. The story was maybe a little light on overall action but the action sequences were pretty incredible. I loved all the different armors that were sen in the movie and how Tony used them in different ways.

Pepper’s story was also interesting in that it brings her to a different level or importance. She does some amazing things in the movie. I can’t say much more. See it and stay till the end of the credits for the post movie Easter egg that is pretty funny.

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