Is your creative work worth $5,000?

Sometimes I watch TV and see all the lame commercials there are on the tube. I really wish sometimes that there was a way to get something I made as a commercial on TV. I make videos from time to time. I have fun doing so. I even made a really elaborate video last year for work. I thought it was pretty polished and a good try for just learning how to make videos. I even made some ‘podcasts’ for The Wired Kayaker. They all came out pretty good.

I wonder if I have the talent to make a video to garner $5000.00. I think I do but maybe not the idea just yet. I need to collaborate with my idea folks because I just learned that Black Turtle Media wants your work! That’s right Black Turtle Media is looking for user generated advertisements for the iPhone, Halo 3 and Decision 2008. They are giving $5000.00 to the person who creates the best advertisement for each of those campaigns.

What the user would need to do is create an advertisement, then submit it to Black Turtle Media and then generate buzz to get their advertisement selected. There are many ads on the site now but nothing so far that has made me want to vote for it. If I make a video I will certainly be voting for my own but if I don’t I’d like to see what you make. Your video could be the one that I am going to vote for. Enter the contest today and you just might be a big winner. Drop me a comment here if you enter the contest. I might just promote your video if I like it.

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