It Goes to 11

Photo-A-Day #1756

Today was the dry run for the annual Sales and Marketing Kickoff at work. It is pretty much the better of the days of the year for me because I get to work with videos and the soundbooth. Of course it is also one of the more stressful days of the year because all the work that is done on the videos gets tight scrutiny the day before the event. I made about 6 “FINAL” DVDs, each one with one more nit picked.

It may stress me out but it also is time where I can really shine with my talents. Want lyrics to scroll to a newly created song, I’m on it. Want to re-cut an entire sequence, remove another, I’m your man. The reason I like doing this is that there are actual tasks that require a specific set of skills and creativity. What I don’t like is when people second guess me about what I do and how I do it when they do not have those same skills or knowledge. It was micromanagement-a-palooza. Each step of the way was questioned by at least six people when only one of them really had any reason for asking. That is the problem getting so many directors in one room, directors like to direct and us worker bees take direction well, however when directions come from multiple queens how does one decide which to do first.

I think that by the time the day was over I was able to sort out all directions, make all changes and solve all problems. Like I said earlier, these are the days where my actual talents shine. Tomorrow is the big show, I’m actually looking forward to it too.

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