iTunes for my kids..

In addition to reading I think my kids will benefit from music and I found a very interesting item at Babies R Us the other day that takes an iPod and attached it to some speakers that attach to a crib. The product is called the iCrib and it is by Munchkin (they make many rubber duckies, we have a ton). I saw it for $20.00 and I passed it by.

I was debating about getting it but after I heard about the Tech Juicer: Win A Brand New 8gb iPod Nano In Any Color! Contest I think I may head out and get the iCrib. Heck we have a ton of music for the baby and the iCrib would be a perfect item for the baby.

I have many chanced to win this contest too. And so can you. You can get 2 entries for each unique blog post about the contest. And you can get one entry for your comment on the contest post. But if you live in Belgium, Sweden, Norway, UK, and the Netherlands you can get even more entries into the contest. If you live there you can send texts to certain numbers and get 4 entries per text, and with that you can get an unlimited number of entries. Wow.

I may swing by Babies R Us and pick up the iCrib today. I have a lucky feeling about this contest.

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