I’ve Been Watching You

Photo-A-Day #2426

This kid is always watching, taking everything in. He is growing and changing every single day. I’m doing a little personal project with Andrew. I’m taking a photo of him each day for us. I’m using the amazing photo a day site ShutterCal to do it. That way friends and family can see Andrew’s progress for the next year. I wish I had thought of doing something like this for Eva. I may actually have a photo from every single day of her first year as well.

We had a nice visit from my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne today. They came over to meet Andrew and they brought him his Christmas Tree. Each child in the family gets their own small Christmas Tree for their room. For Eva we get her a special ornament each year and we’ll do the same for Andrew. Once we get his room all set up we’ll set up the tree, too.

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  1. I have a friend who’s very artistic and into photography, and back when she had her son in 2009, I tried talking her into doing this with him. Now she’s expecting her daughter, within the next week we hope… So I’m harassing her and trying again to get her to come join us on ShutterCal!

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