Joe and Jen’s Wedding

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This weekend, my friend Joe Hausmann got married!! Congrats to Joe and his lovely wife Jen!! They are a fabulous couple and we are truly happy for them.

I met Joe at Saint Paul’s Advanced Studies Program in Concord, NH. We had a great experience at the ASP and continued our friendship beyond our time there.

On Saturday evening Joe and Jen were married at Saint Joseph’s Parish in Epping, NH and a lovely reception followed at The Three Chimneys Inn in Durham. The reception was very festive with Christmas trees Gingerbread houses decorating the room. It was a wonderful evening – Thanks to Joe & Jen for inviting us to celebrate with them.

Here are some pictures from the evening with Drew’s captions.

The Wedding Cake
Cutting the Cake
Allison and Drew, looking festive
This was above the ‘throne’ in the men’s room. I didn’t notice it at first because I grabbed some toilet paper to blow my nose and as I am blowing my nose I look up and am practically nose to snout with this boar. Oh, well if you’re gonna get the crap scared out of you, might was well be in the bathroom.
Joe and some fine ladies
The Happy Couple and the Happy Couple in training.

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