Just Me and the Turtles

Paddling on Falls Pond
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00136

All last year I wanted to take my kayak out on Falls Pond and I never got around to putting it on my car. This morning after Allison and the kids left I made sure that I put the kayak on my car before Krav Maga class. It took very little time. I don’t know why I find that my huge hurdle for going kayaking but it is. After a nice workout I went out on the water for two purposes. The first was to get out on the water and paddle and also make a 360 video of that paddle. the second reason was to take close up look at a house for sale. I explain all about the house in the video below.

If you watch the entire video you hear me mention turtles. There were a ton of them sunning themselves. I think that the next time I get out on the water I will bring my camera with the long zoom so I can get some better shots. The cell phone shots just don’t cut it.

Turtle Time

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