Just Solutions Solved Two Simple Problems for Me

Two Just Crunch Anti-Soggy BowlsThe company Just Solutions asked me if I’d like to check out a couple of their products for free. I took a look at the Just Solutions website and I picked out two items. One of them was in stock and the other was not. So they sent me a different item to check out. The item that I selected was the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy bowl with a Ninja Turtle design. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so this immediately caught my eye. The Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Bowl is a whole new way to eat your cereal or enjoy Chips and Salsa. Thee are other uses for the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy bowl as well.I’m thinking ice cream and a large reserve of peanut brittle so that each bit of ice cream is smothered in the stuff, but that is just me.

Some Cereal in the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Bowl

I tend to do a lot of eating at work and if I’m eating cereal then I may have to take a phone call. If that is the case then my cereal will end up sitting in the milk and get soggy. With the Anti-Soggy bowl I can spoon the cereal into the milk when I want to eat it. That way I can always have a crunchy bite of cereal which, to me, is much more enjoyable.

Chips and Salsa in the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Bowl

One of my most favorite snacks while working is Chips and Salsa. I usually pick up a jar of salsa for the weekend and a bag of chips. Before the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy bowl I would pour salsa into a bowl and open a bag of chips and eat them. That is a reasonable way to eat chips and salsa but I wasn’t doing a great job of controlling the amount of chips that I was eating. I’d finish up the salsa and then continue to eat the chips because the bag was right there. With the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy bowl I can put salsa in one side and a set amount of chips in the other. The rest of the bag gets put away and I only eat what is in the Just Crunch Anti-Soggy bowl.

Stretch Laces

The item that I hadn’t requested but was sent was the Stretch Laces. This set of three laces came to me in red, orange and yellow colors. At first I didn’t think I could, or would use them but I did find a use for them. At work I have a pair of black sneakers with red soles. I got them for free from New Balance as part of a program that I did at a conference. That conference I came back with 6 pairs of shoes. I keep these sneakers in my desk to use when the weather turns to snow around here. Well, that happened yesterday and so I work my big old boots to work. Rather than having to bring in a separate set of shoes I just go in my drawer and grab out these sneakers.

Stretch Laces and Work Shoes

Of course, I can make life even easier and lace them up with the red Stretch Laces to not only coordinate but to make those sneakers into slip-ons. So I laced them up and tied them for the first and last time. Then I was able to slip these sneakers on and off with ease. Plus they look good with red laces instead of black. Plus, I also have a pair of sneakers that are grey and orange so the orange stretch laces will work well with those sneakers.

The products from Just Solutions are very inexpensive and make great stocking stuffers. The two products that I received go for $8.99 each. That isn’t going to break the bank and it may just solve a problem that you have.

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