Kayaking at 1st Light

Kayaking at 1st Light
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Today I woke up at 6:20am, so I figured I might as well get up and get going. I went over to a little pond near the house so I could go kayaking. It was windy, not windy enough to prevent me from going though. I enjoyed a nice morning paddle around the pond and getting up with the sunrise.

When I returned, Dad made a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and blueberry pancakes. We enjoyed eating and then being visited by Auntie Shelby and Grandpa Rick. We spent the rest of the afternoon with Auntie Shelby and her boyfriend Tim’s family and their friend over on the beach. It was a nice afternoon with some lively people. Lots of laughs and as the afternoon went on the circle expanded larger and larger as more people came down. Eva loved it because she could play with Auntie Shelby. She played a lot in her “tent”. This is made by draping a towel over the back of a beach chair. She even had her own little beach chair in her tent and when she was tired she played quietly in there. And by play I mean she enjoyed eating her pretzels in the tent.


Tonight we had a nice dinner with some great corn on the cob from Tony Andrew’s Farm.

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