Kid Free Day

Photo-A-Day #3785

Allison and I had a day all to ourselves. It was the first one in a very long time. Eva was off to the Cape with Auntie Tara. Andrew was trying out Scribble Time for the first time. So, what were we to do with a day to ourselves. Sure, we could have caught up on the DVR and huddled by the AC. But, we haven’t been out on the water in such a long time. So, we took our boats over to Falls Pond to paddle for a few hours. It also gave me some time to shoot photos with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. There are only a few of us in the Imagelogger program that have them and so I took advantage of a nice place to take photos.

Paddling on Falls Pond

Blue Heron on Falls Pond

Damselfly on Lilypad

Log turtle

After we were done paddling we headed home to get cleaned up and go have lunch out at Boneyard Barbecue and Saloon. There we split some wings and a burger. It was nice to actually have a conversation without the kids around. Nice to be able to talk without talking around things. I almost forgot what that was like. When we have the kids all day we are so spent by night that we veg in front of the TV before sleep. So, it was very nice to chat.

We returned home and even got some work done. We put up the “Bennetts” framed word photo, finally. We’ll get going on getting some actual family photos up later.

We picked Andrew up from Scribble Time and he loved it. He had a great time and he didn’t want to leave. We let him do “One More Thing”, thanks Daniel Tiger, and he was good to go. I think this will be nice for him for Mondays during the school year so that I can get some rest after working the weekend. Because it was his first day we celebrated and took him to dinner are Morin’s. He loves that place.

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  1. I don’t know how exactly I ended up this blog, but I like it. 🙂

    And I like your pics and I really do understand what you are talking about here. Me and my wife just started spending some time alone, wihout the kids. Just once in a while, you know…

    keep up the good work! and I’m wondering, if I can get the Hess Truck somewhere overseas?

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