Kitchen Island Conversations

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Went over to the house this morning, late. Eva slept till 9:45am. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t being woken up at 6am as usual. It was great to sleep in a bit. Allison went off to work and I took Eva over to the house after I loaded a bunch of her big bulky toys into the truck. I figure that I’m going to have to move them eventually so why not move them over into the garage. At least with the garage I can work around things until it comes time to fix the issues in there.

So, we went over to have breakfast at the house. Eva likes the idea of having breakfast at the island with Mom and Dad. Yesterday I picked up a couple of single serve cereals to have. Special K for me and Fruit Loops for her. We sat at the kitchen island and had our breakfast together.

Making memories, Fruit Loops at the Kitchen Island w Dad and Dad's iPad

We then unpacked a bunch of her books and put them into the bookshelf. It was sort of a futile endeavor because we (Allison and I) decided that we’re going to have all the hardwood floors refinished. Because we are going to do this it doesn’t make much sense to bring anything more into the house. But before the floors get done we are going to have to scrape off the wallpaper in three rooms and paint.

So this coming week I’m all about the second floor and scraping off wallpaper. We were going to do all four rooms upstairs but Eva decided that she wanted to keep the pink wallpaper in her bedroom. I think it is ugly and I’m not a fan of wallpaper but it will be her room and we were going to let her paint it pink so I guess pink floral with birds doesn’t matter much anyway.

It was nice to spend time with Eva. Putting the books in the bookshelf and reading a few to her while we listened to music was nice. I love that she wants so much to help. We want her to help too but finding things that she can do isn’t always easy. It is part keeping her entertained and part keeping her motivated.

The week ahead will consist of scoring, scraping, patching and sanding. I hope that I can accomplish as much next week as I did this week.

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Island Conversations”

  1. Don’t worry about the nasty wallpaper…at some point she’ll be either begging you to take it down or she’ll be covering it with posters of whoever the Justin Bieber of that time is. If you think of it from that perspective you can treasure the time you have with the current wallpaper “as is!”

    I love that Eva is so involved in the process and loving it!! It’s so sweet that you are sharing the projects with her and she feels included. I swear you and Allison should teach parenting classes!! 🙂

    1. Mo,

      The only thing about removing the wallpaper now is that the room is empty and it would be so much easier to get rid of it while we were in work mode. The thing I am dreading is her after me to take it down once we get everything settled. Because, at that point she is out of luck.

      And thanks on the parenting classes thing, I’m not sure about that but I appreciate the vote of confidence.

  2. I’m looking forward to getting sometime to help you next week. Glad to hear that you and Allison want to refinish the floors, it will make a huge difference. I remember having three wonderful helpers working on houses over the years. Obviously they learned some good lessons that they have taken into their adult lives.

    1. Dad,

      The other day when Michele was over with her kids and I had Nate go and get things for me I can certainly understand how much of a help those three little helpers of yours were over the years. 🙂

      We certainly did learn some valuable lessons.

  3. It’s good you’re letting her make decisions on her own room and help out with your projects as much as she can do. I can’t wait to see all the results.

    1. Deborah,

      We figure that she needs to make these decisions herself to give her a sense of ownership to the house.

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