BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin’ Racers


When I went to Sweet Suite this year I saw the Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin’ Racers from SD Toyz. Now I have worked with SD Toys in the past but at the time their company name was different. I worked with their MAX TRAXX glow in the dark racers. Those were so cool. Well SD Toyz included some Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin’ Racers in the Sweet Suite Swag box and that is where I got two of mine and I was also give the Francis figure when I was at Sweet Suite. These were given to me for free and I decided to hang on to them until it was time for my Holiday Gift Guide. You can see them in action in my video below. Andrew helped me out on this one because he was home sick from school and I had to keep him occupied.

These are just fun cars to play with. It is super silly when their head pop off as they race along. Here are the main features of the toys:

  • 6 different characters available, including: Finn the Shark, Rex the Dinosaur, Snarl the Wolf, Fang the Saber Tooth Tiger, Stubs the Bull Dog, and Francis the Gorilla.
  • Each vehicle includes a high-powered pull-back motor which zooms more than 30 feet.
  • Made of durable plastic and other high-quality materials for endless head poppin’ fun.
  • The perfect toy to engage kids 3-years and up, in immersive fun that promotes Object, Creative, and Social Play Patterns.

If you are interested in picking up these toys for the holidays for your family then please consider using our affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra but helps out out big time.

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