KRE-O Ready to Roll Out

Photo-A-Day #2367

Today was a very sleep filled day. I didn’t photograph anything until very close to midnight today. Luckily there is a desk near me that has even more eclectic toys on it than I do. This guy has an Optimus Prime KRE-O character and I recently learned that this figure has two motorcycles and riders in the back of it. Very cool.

When I was at Time To Play in New York earlier this week I was able to meet with some really great people from Hasbro. They had a display of the KRE-O line. This line combines two of my most favorite toy genres ever. Brick building toys and transforming robot toys. The Optimus Figure is great and it comes with a bunch of Kreons, KRE-O figures. I sort of like those more than I like the whole sets because they are sort of a cross between the Robot Heroes figures and Little Formers from Matt Moylan (Wish He’d do more cartoons). I am hoping that there will be KRE-O sets from other Hasbro properties like G.I. Joe so that the Kreons can interact. Always wished that those two properties mixed it up on the cartoon at some point or another. That would have been great.

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