Last Comic Standing

Tonight is the finale of Last Comic Standing. Chris Porter was voted off last night. I was very disappointed. It is down to Josh Blue and Ty Barnett. I like all three of the comics but I was really pulling for Chris Porter. I thought his stuff was tighter, cleaner and more polished than the other comics, but the rest of America did not. Oh well.

Tonight there will be performances but the past three winners, Dat Phan, John Heffron, and Alonzo Bodden. And the return of executive producer and former host Jay Mohr. Should be a funny night. The whole cast from this year is back as well including Gabriel Iglesias. Tune in tonight.

On Monday night Allison and I got to watch a few episodes of shows we taped last week. First up was episode 3 of Eureka. This is a very good show, it is funny quirky and has likable characters. We taped episode #4 last night and hopefully will get to watch it tonight.

We had time to watch the two episodes of Psych that I taped as well. I can’t say enough good things about this show. I love the chemistry of the two main characters, I love the website and the fake blogs written from the character’s perspectives, I love the Psych-Outs which include some very funny impromptu karaoke songs. This is a show that you must watch.

I haven’t gotten to see all the Feasting on Asphalt episodes I taped yet. Most likely I’m going to see them in some marathon format at a later date. The stars have aligned against me to prevent me from seeing this show. I have episode #1 taped but #2 got cut off because I ran out of tape (maybe it was because I taped over 6 hours on a 6 hour tape, D’OH)

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