Lazy Susan was Busy Tonight…

Lazy Susan was Busy Tonight...
Photo-A-Day #1303

Today was the day that I spent making Fry Sauce for The Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest. I started the morning making my list of ingredients and trying to convert every recipe into something that broke down into “parts” i.e. one part mayo 2 parts ketchup. I got my system down and headed to the store.

I spent about an hour and a half shopping because not only was I trying to get everything for the contest I also had to do some personal shopping and I had to make sure that I got all the cold things at the end so there was a bit of scrambling around the store and backtracking. But in the end I found what I needed.

I came home and made sure that I photographed everything for the video and the Fry Sauce post. I was about ready to get to work but decided that lunch would be a good idea and then one episode of Smallville. I had the time and we are still on Episode 3 of this season, so close to getting up to speed. Around 1:30 I started making all the sauces.

Making the sauces was fun, I laid each recipe out on the counter, measured all the ingredients and then filmed an into about each one. Then I would mix it in the Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet works awesome, we got it for our wedding and this is my first chance to take it for a spin, I hope to use it much more in the future. Then I would wash everything and then repeat the cycle for the next recipe. It was time consuming and along the way there was a mishap with a measuring shot glass. It was shattered and I had to wash absolutely everything very thoroughly and pick up all the glass. But in the end I completed 10 Fry Sauces. then I let them all sit in the fridge.

Around 6:00 friends started arriving. We had seven judges, plus myself, tonight. I made an abundance of sauce, about 2 cups of each kind, and will bring the rest to work to have more judges weigh in with their opinions. Allison made up scoring sheets that had rankings of 1-5 for many different criteria. We decided on Store Bought Steak Fries as a control group to use for tasting. They were inexpensive and tasted great. There was some lively conversation about each of the sauces and everyone had a different opinion on taste so we got a really nice mix. I’m happy with the results.

When we were done with all the fries and Tater Tots (Thanks Stephen’s A.) We had a chocolate cream pie with cinnamon sugar meringue that Andrea made, delicious. Then we hung out till 11:30 swapping stories. It was a good night.

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Susan was Busy Tonight…”

  1. It’s funny how even they all are different recipes, they pretty much look the same. hehe Except a couple are a bit deeper in color. 🙂

  2. Heather,
    I’ll have that put together soon, when I announce the winner on the 10th. I have to bring the rest to work and have more judging there. We have access to fries at the cafe. 🙂

  3. Hotdogman,

    Video will be coming with the winning announcement. I made so much sauce that I am going to do another judging event at work this week. More video more people trying the sauces.

  4. My daughter is wild about her (it really is just hers) magic bullet too. Your taste test party sounds like it was a lot of fun. Now you just made me want some fries 🙂

    Looking forward to your taste test results.

  5. JMom,
    The party was a hit, people loved the sauces and today at work even more people tried them out and loved them. I have to put together the video and figure out the winner so stay tuned.

    I saw the Magic Bullet infomercial this morning. I love how they make all these different things for the cast of characters. That is a great product, I should give one of those away sometime.

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