Learning to Ride Bikes

Riding Bikes

Today the kids got new bikes. Actually I picked them up last week at Walmart. I had been waiting and watching the sales at Toys R Us in hopes of picking up some cheap but you know what, the prices there were terrible. At Walmart I picked up a Mongoose bike for Andrew and a Genesis bike for Eva. Both bikes were under $80 which is a price that Toys R Us couldn’t touch. Not with all their markups and not really a sale, sales.

The bikes have been in the garage and this past Sunday we had a babysitter at the house and we forgot to tell her not to let the kids in the garage. The kids wanted their swords to battle with and the babysitter and Eva went into the garage. Eva saw the bikes but to her credit she played dumb until we asked her about it today. She definitely did not tell her brother because he can’t keep a secret to save his life. He would have spilled the beans days ago.

It was a nice day so we took the bikes over to Capron Park to get the kids going on the bikes. Andrew picked it up quickly which was a bit frustrating to Eva. We should have started with her years ago. She tried and tried all morning and with some prodding, encouragement and challenge she began to get it. By the time we got home she was asking when we could ride again.

While Andrew picked up riding much quicker than Eva he also fell about 8 times. The last time was right before this photo. He has a big scrape on his nose and it is all red tonight. That last one made him cry like crazy but the great thing is that he kept on going, he got back on his bike, which he named Bullseye and then renamed Comet.

We came home and then played the LEGO Hogwarts game. First we built it together and then played the game for about 40 minutes. It was really fun. It is a bit challenging and we had fun trying to block each other from winning. Allison won the game in the end.

LEGO Harry Potter Game

After the game the kids wanted to get back out there and ride once again. This time we had them ride up and down the street. Luckily our street is pretty quiet. Allison stood on one end and I stood on the other. The kids would ride down to me and then I’d send them back up to her. They were loving this way of riding.

Eva Riding

Eva riding proud on her new bike.

Andrew Riding

Andrew speeding along on his new bike.

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