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Photo-A-Day #2714

Today we were interviewed for a study on children and technology. We were asked about our stance on exposing children to technology and how technology plays into learning. We expose Eva to all sorts of cool technology like the Wii, The computer, The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In addition to that there are toys that have digital elements to them to help enhance learning as well. The interview went very well. While we spoke with the interviewer Eva was bopping around, (quietly) in her waitress costume at her kitchen while listening to her iPod. She was so cute.

Yesterday the TV that I won from DadaRocks.com arrived. It is a 55″ 3D TV from LG. It also came with a decent American Express gift card. So, I finally bought something that I’ve been wanting for a while. I picked up Apple TV. I am so excited about playing with this. Now we can build playlists of music to enjoy when we have friends over and photo sets that go with different holidays or everyday. It was so easy to use the Apple TV and also to control it through the iPhone and iPad. So cool.

While I was out running errands I picked up some Series 8 LEGO minifigs. Eva and I opened them tonight and we only got one duplicate so that was great. One of the minifigs was a fairy and Eva loves it. She did not like the manbat or the pirate but enjoyed the cheerleader and the female skier (we got two of those). I think that Eva and I will be using the minifigs to create stories. She has a very good imagination.

Speaking of LEGO I got an invite to watch the Wii U Preview tomorrow and there is a game coming that looks amazing. It is LEGO┬« City: Undercover and from the preview video it looks so cool. The one thing that I’m very interested to find out is whether or not existing Wii games will be playable on the Wii U. (Just looked it up, yep it will!). I’m excited to see what else will be coming for this new platform especially for the LEGO games, Skylanders and Transformers.

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