LEGO Creator Series, So Many Possibilities

Photo-A-Day #2613

I love the LEGO Creator series of sets because each one from the largest set to the smallest gives you instructions to create three models from the same set of bricks. The bricks aren’t as specialized as the ones from the themed sets and so you have more freedom to use your imagination with these sets. I would also not have a problem putting all the bricks from these sets together rather than bagging them up like I do with the themed sets like the Dino, Super Hero and City series sets.

Next week I’ll be putting together the LEGO table for Eva, and for me too. I can’t wait to play with that because it will be fun to have a place for Eva and I to create together. The dining room table was okay but this table has a dedicated top so we can secure our models as we build them and create structures to play with. Figures can be places and set in specific spaces. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to see what we can come up with together.

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