LEGO Minifig Accessories Comparison

Photo-A-Day #2879

In the photo I have two LEGO Series Nine minifigs of the knight. On the left the knight is in his included accessories and on the right the knight is wearing the Rhino Helm and holding the Minotaur Axe from Brick Warriors. While I like the look of the accessories from Brick Warriors, especially the silver metallic plastic I do like that the LEGO helm has a visor that raises and lowers and has a hole for a plume. The LEGO sword is made from that metallic silver plastic and that looks good with fairly decent details. I would love to see Brick Warriors create some accessories based on weapons from cartoons like He-man’s sword, The Sword of Omens, the blasters from Slugterra, there are many possibilities.

What do you think? Which accessories look better?

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