LEGO Minifig Crayon Mold

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Starting today I am a writer for the new e-zine from Cooper & Kid called Catch. I will be writing about play. My topic will cover projects and toys and more. My very first post is up today. It explains who I am and how I will be approaching Play. Please come and comment on the post as well as the others from great dads.

So I’ll be doing Play and projects. One such project that I’ll be writing about in the future is creating our own crayons using silicone molds. I ordered this mold above from as the first one to use as a test. We’ve got a ton of old crayons around the house and they will be perfect for melting down and turning into new crayons to enjoy.

Doing a search on for different silicone molds led me to start my own wishlist for molds that I’d like to use for other projects in the future, baking, candy, soap, candles. All sorts of things you can do with silicone molds. I started down a crazy rabbit hole of molds and started putting all of my favorites into a wishlist titled Silicone Molds. I’m excited to make these crayons with Eva and use them with both of the kids.

I have a bunch of fun ideas for projects and look forward to writing my new posts for Catch. Please join me there and help me with new ideas for Play.

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  1. Crayons! I was trying to figure out what one would do with a death star size ice cube….crayons sound like more fun for those silicon molds! I can’t wait to see how yours turn out 🙂

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