LEGO Mullet Regiment

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I can now have white trash adventures with my LEGO figures because the “braveheart” figure from series 6. This figure comes with Mullet hair. I also put on the hair from the space girl on one of these figures to give him the look of Thor.

Speaking of Thor, Eva has discovered that she really enjoys the Next Avengers DVD and has taken to calling herself Thorrun (the daughter of Thor and Sif). She carries a small padded baseball bat stuck into the back of her shirt as a sword. I guess I should go look for a Nerf sword for her because she’s really enjoying this character. She also likes to call me Hawkeye (also from the Next Avengers) and asks about my Bow and Arrows. Might be time for some Nerf toys for us.

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  1. LEGO have a very diverse range of releases, which is great, some toys provided for children stay within a certain limit, but LEGO includes many cultures and historical themes within there range, which is just great!

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