LEGO Series 9 Minifigs are Out

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I buzzed through Walmart on the way to work tonight and there I saw that the LEGO blind bag minifig series nine set has been released. These are sixteen new minifigs that are purchased as single figures. They come with new faces and special accessories. With them being blind bag (no way you can tell which one you are getting) there is the risk of getting multiple of the same minifig. Of course if that happens you can try to find someone who needs that minifig or you could go to Brick Warriors and get some other pieces of armor, weapons or accessories and completely change the figure around.

This new series has a bunch of figures that I’d like to collect including the Mermaid, Ogre, Alien, Spaceman and Archery queen (which could probably be thought of as Merida from Brave). There is also a guy in a chicken outfit which would be funny as well. I’ll probably pick up a few of these sets to stuff into Easter eggs for Eva to find on Easter morning. I usually find things like this or Hot wheels cars for that purpose.

While at Toy Fair 2013 I got a tour of the LEGO booth and saw that this year there will be the release of Series 9, 10 and 11 of this popular line of collectible minifigs.

What types of minifigs do you wish LEGO would produce?

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6 thoughts on “LEGO Series 9 Minifigs are Out”

  1. Enjoy them! They are fantastic – they came out in the UK a while ago and we had to get almost all of the series. You can definitely tell them apart if you’re willing to spend most of an hour squeezing through a box (it’s my girlfriend’s superpower).
    Look at what Nick wrote blog post ..Lego Creations: A Mini City

    1. Nick,

      I should have had her with me, I got Two Knights and Two Cops. I always feel weird squeezing them in the aisle. I think that people might think I am trying to steal them. BTW there was one time when I bought some figs at Walmart and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that one was open, I went back the next day and found the piece that was missing and pocketed it, even though I had paid for it the day before I felt really guilty. I went to your site and saw your LEGO photos, great stuff. If you search LEGO on my blog you will see many other photos of figs. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’m SO addicted! So far I’ve got the Plumber, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, and Ogre. I REALLY want the mermaid and the Hollywood Starlet. Do you know where one might find past series?

    And, do you want to trade one of my 3 freakin’ cowgirls, 2 business men, 2 robots, 2 record store guys, or 2 cheerleaders? I got hosed on my last couple series :/
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    1. Trisha,

      Sometimes you can find the past series on eBay for not a whole heck of a lot, sometimes. I got the Mermaid but also 3 Knights and 2 cops. I have all of those that you are looking to trade too except for the Robot, I think. I have to look. I like the Ogre, that is a fun one.

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