Like a Painting

Photo-A-Day #2350

I took my kayak out on the water today. While I was there I saw a beautiful heron. I didn’t have my DSLR with me but I took this with my Kodak PlaySport. I then took that photo and used the water color filter to make the photo look like it does. Being out on the water was once again peaceful, probably because I didn’t get any bites.

I got a special sneak peek ticket from Wild Time Comics to see the movie Real Steel. The movie was a lot of fun. It was very much a cross between Over The Top and Rocky meets the Transformers. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as former boxer who is down on his luck. He drinks, he gambles, he’s a deadbeat dad. There is a ton of great robot action. The fights are great and I loved the relationship that started forming between Max (an 11 year old boy) and Atom (The G2 Sparring Robot that he found). The movie comes out October 7th and it is going to be a fun one to see. I summer blockbuster like movie in the Fall. Definitely a fun movie to see.

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