Photo-A-Day #2577

One of my Series 6 LEGO minifigs. This is a Minotaur and I wanted to do something interesting with it. I took a few shots of it and then decided to put a soda can behind it for a backdrop. I spun the can around to the barcode and as I shot these images it looked more and more like a mugshot. I liked how that looked. Then putting it into Instagram made it look so much like a mugshot so I kept it for today’s photo.

Getting back from vacation we were met with a ton of things that were delivered to us. I got a bunch of cool things that I had been waiting for. I had my Transformers Collectors Club figures Over-Run and Runamuck. I had them from back when I was a kid. The old ones I used to have were called Battlechargers. There were only two of them Runabout and Runamuck. The new ones are homages to those characters and apparently the name Runabout is no longer Hasbro’s to use.

I also had a package waiting for me from When I was on vacation I placed an order for my birthday gifts from Dan and Marcia. I decided that in addition to the two Avengers LEGO sets that I got while we were in Florida I’d order the rest of them so now I have all four avengers sets and one of Wolverine. There are going to be more Super Heroes Sets coming including Ultimate Spider-Man which should include Iron Fist. I don’t know when those will come out but I’d like to get them too. I’ll be building at least a couple of the sets on Monday before I head to California for the YesVideo trip.

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