Long Overdue Daddy/Daughter Date Day

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It feels like we’ve been moving, getting the house ready and cleaning forever. So many times since we closed on the house in June have I had to put off time with Eva so that we could get the house ready. A three year old doesn’t quite understand that no matter how much you explain it. So, now that things have settled down a bit I decided that today would be a Daddy/Daughter Date Day.

With Allison’s car in the shop we dropped Allison at work and then Eva and I went to Watson’s for “tea”. Tea for us consisted of a teapot of lemonade and some chocolate chip cookies. While at Watson’s Eva began affecting a special voice and wanted to go by the name Ariel. I then took on a voice as well and the name Sebastian. Throughout the day we used the voices in the car and other places. We even included Allison in the game when we picked her up after lunch later on. I snapped this photo of Eva while at Watson’s.

High tea (lemonade and a cookie) to start the day #dadchat #telenavdad

For the day I used TeleNav to get around to the different places. I wanted to find a place where we could do a craft. I was unable to find a place near me that had crafting today but we did go over to Michael’s because they have craft programs for kids on weekends. I figured that we could do a little craft together at home on another day. So we wandered around Michael’s and we picked up some unfinished birdhouses.

We have a ton of birds in our back yard and we talked a bit about getting birdhouses at some point. So, when we saw them at Michael’s I decided that this would be a fun project for Eva and I to do some afternoon. I was also able to pick up a set of paints for a mere $1.99. Eva also wanted her birdhouse to have glitter so we got some glitter sealer as well. These will be some shiny decked out houses for some lucky birds. Eva picked out a castle and I picked out a rocket. Here’s Eva with her castle.

Picking up a castle birdhouse to paint.

After Michael’s we ran over to Best Buy and then to Stop and Shop. We had a few errands that needed to be run during the day but we enjoyed the time together while we shopped and poked around at Best Buy. Out discussions as Ariel and Rose were funny and fun. Eva also did get to have something that she really enjoyed, some deli cheese.

Grocery shopping, Daddy/Daughter date detour, but #evaboo got cheese. #telenavdad #dadchat

After we brought the food home we headed over to McDonalds. I used TeleNav to find the closest one to our new place, too. We enjoyed a fun tasty meal together. The toy in the Happy Meals were Smurfs. We decided together that we would go and see the Smurf’s movie after lunch. I had thought of going to see the movie in the morning and used TeleNav’s Local Apps to find the movie near us. I saw that the movie was playing at 1:45 and so Allison could come with us too. We figured we’d go and see the movie and when it was over we could pick up Allison’s car instead of running all around. Having one car for the day made things a little tougher but we were able to get everything done, have a nice day together and even see a movie.

The Smurfs Movie was’t too bad. It was cute and fun. It was scary at parts though and Eva did NOT like Gargamel. She buried her face in Allison each time he was on screen. She did enjoy the Smurfs themselves though and maybe I’ll show her some of the TV show on demand. As for me, I enjoyed the movie and liked the many inside jokes and jabs that were made to the show and all those questions that you ask about the show got some of their answers and some not. The movie didn’t take itself too seriously and it had some cute and funny moments. I liked it more than I thought I would.

After the movie we picked up Allison’s car and the monetary damage wasn’t too terrible so that was good, I can get my car fixed soon now. Got Allison’s inspection and headed home. We cleaned up the living room a little more and Allison made dinner. We had a nice dinner and also a nice visit from Auntie Shelby. Eva was thrilled to have her come visit. then there was more cleaning and catching up on some shows. Early to bed tonight (before 11).

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  1. She’s a lucky little girl! It looks like you had a great day!! It’s just so awesome to see how involved you are with her:) The Bennett Family is truly a blessing to each other and to all!

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