Look Ahead, Look Behind

Look Ahead, Look Behind
Photo-A-Day #1598

We went swimming again today. This time at our friend Andy’s parent’s house. They have a really nice in ground pool and Allison, Eva and I had a great time swimming with Andy and Rondi and Stephen The Dog. It is fun to hang out with friends and fellow bloggers, even the canine ones. Stephen is a great big loveable dog with varied opinions, he kind of scared Eva but she was also exhausted.

I could say that is was a great day and in the end it really was. It was all that middle part of dealing with a kid who was totally exhausted that knocked both Allison and I for a loop. Eva was whiny in church and that caused a few walks to the back to calm her down. In all she’s only nearly two so sitting through church at that age is a tough thing for a kid.

After church Eva and I went to BJs to return some sesame hamburger buns because they had little flies in them. Allison noticed it last night and we tucked it into a plastic bag and I brought them back today for a refund. The refund went very smoothly and then the guy there tried to sell me on BJs rewards membership which is an additional cost. I thought to myself, this guy has some brass ones trying to upsell me after I’ve returned fly infested hamburger rolls. I walked out to the car completely stunned by this move. Also, the whole time I am there Eva is totally passed out on my shoulder. As a Dad that is one of my favorite feelings, having a half asleep kid zonked out on your shoulder, it just feels good to be that support for someone.

After BJs we went to Stop & Shop. I wasn’t buying more rolls at BJs even though it was a free thing. I just couldn’t stomach it. So I got to Stop and Shop and Eva was wide awake again. We buzzed through there, got home, ate lunch and headed out for our afternoon swimming excursion.

Here is another photo of Eva enjoying the pool.

The Noodle

Today I got a surprise in my inbox. I can’t share much about it at all but I can say that I am so amazed at what is coming for BenSpark.com. The logo yesterday is just the tip of the iceberg. Some truly amazing stuff is on the way.

The new stuff makes me think back on all the old stuff that has made this blog what it is today. My constant writing of all things travel (when I used to travel) writing about family, friends and fun. Taking Photos everywhere that I went and starting Photo-A-Day. I cannot believe that in two days I will have 1600 consecutive days of Photo-A-Day. It is incredible to me that I’ve been doing it this long. I always tell people who want to be better bloggers to blog daily. People who look at my photos and wonder where I got them I tell them that I shoot every day. If you are constantly thinking of what to write next or what to shoot next then your mind is harp for whatever comes along. It could be the look in a child’s eyes, it could be a package of fly invested sandwich buns, you never know what will inspire you.

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5 thoughts on “Look Ahead, Look Behind”

  1. Buck,
    You put that exactly how I was feeling it. The ultimate signal of trust. Man I love that feeling. I wish I could hit the pool each and every night. I just love getting totally cooled off and am pretty bummed that we haven’t made it up to the Cape as often as we’d hoped this year. We are missing August completely. August, the hottest month! Sheesh.

  2. Moni,
    Swimming with Eva is so much fun. I bet that you really enjoy your time with your son as well. Thanks for the comment.

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