Photo-A-Day #689 02/26/07

Look out for those laser eyes. Oliver was watching me do the Nintendo Wii workout. I used the Wii training programs to increase Mii’s my abilities. I love the training programs for boxing.

Allison really enjoyed watching the trainer bean me with tennis balls. I would have liked it better if another Mii character could be the trainer. Because I think it would have been funnier had Allison’s Mii been the one that was throwing the tennis balls that I had to dodge. I also like the training part where you have to knock the heavy bag off the chain. If you can get into a groove then you can really knock those things off with a couple of punches. I even got one to fly off with one punch.

I then tried the training sessions with Baseball. Training session one is a Home Run Derby, Training session 2 is an accuracy session. You have to hit the ball in a certain direction. Not the easiest thing to do yet. I then started working on getting my character in shape to be pro boxing Mii. I boxed about four bouts and then it was time to watch How I Met Your Mother.

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