Lost: Cabin Fever

Spoilers – Duh it is a recap.

I don’t know what was better about last night, the lineup of shows (sans Scrubs that sucked, there was one tiny homage to The Princess Bride the rest was a rambling mess) Okay, where was I yes the other good part was Allison texting our friend Mo while we watched our shows and especially during Lost.

This episode was a Locke Centric episode and Locke has a destiny, he has had one from the moment of his miracle birth. The miracle was that he was born at 6 months along after his mother was hit by a car. He was the youngest preemie ever to survive in that hospital. He was a miracle that his mother couldn’t bear to keep. So John was in the foster care system. But throughout his life he had some visits from Richard Alpert (A timeless man who has not aged at all) Richard was there when John was born, as well as when he was about 6 or 7. We learn that John had a tough life growing up. He always wanted to be a rough and tumble guy doing the outdoor thing but his guidance counselor wanted him to be a scientist and we get to hear Locke’s oft repeated line, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” We also meet Matthew Abaddon, who has popped up all season when we see the flashback of John in the rehab facility learning to walk.

So John is a born miracle. And later he says that he does not believe in them while there have been at least 4 in his lifetime (his birth, surviving 8 story fall and being able to walk again after surviving a plane crash.) But he doesn’t believe in them. I wonder why the island has chosen him and he accepts the tasks of the island when he is a man of faith who doesn’t believe in miracles. How is that possible? Isn’t that a sort of shift in his overall character. The John Locke of season one surely would have believed in miracles.

During the Flashback John is offered the chance more than once to go to a gifted summer camp, I assume that it was probably something to do with the Darhma Initiative and had John been accepted he would probably be dead right now. We learn a few things about John Locke, that orderly is the one who puts the idea of walkabout in his head. I kept wondering if we would see that knife that John chose as a child appear somewhere later in the episode but no it did not. So Which items were his, I know the compass had to be.

On Island –

Team Locke – Since this was a Locke Centric episode we have much screen time with Locke, Hurley and Ben. They are wandering the woods in search of the cabin. There was a bit of funny stuff between Ben and Hurley, “I was following him” “Dude, I wasn’t even in the lead” There was some good interaction between Hurley and Ben but I hope that Hurley doesn’t get too comfortable with Ben, Ben can commit mass murder and justify it.

The three go to sleep and when Locke Wakes up he meets Horace Goodspeed, I don’t remember him from previous episodes or flashbacks, does anyone else? Horace is building a cabin so he can get away from it all. Those must have been magical trees because that cabin moves around a bit. Horace tells Locke that he has been dead for 12 years and if he (Locke) finds him (Horace) then he will find the cabin. So Locke brings the group to the mass grave. And he starts going through all the bodies until he finds Horace. Once that happens he gets the plans as well as a map to the cabin.

While I don’t think the map would have helped them in the long run because I think the cabin appears when it is needed. There is a subtle manipulation of Hurley as John tells him that he can go back to the beach in the middle of the night. Of Course Hurley isn’t taking off with the smoke monster on the loose. And did you catch John’s disturbed drawings of the smoke monster when he was a child. I bet he had dreams about it and drew those pictures.

The group sticks together and they find the cabin. Neither Ben nor Hurley will go in so it is John alone because the Island choose him. And “Destiny is a fickle bitch” as Ben puts it so John had better be careful what he wishes for. While John is in the cabin Hurley and Ben share an Apollo bar. John enters the cabin and comes face to face with Christian Shepard and Claire. Father and daughter together in the cabin, what about Arron, he is okay and isn’t supposed to be here. John has tons of questions but he isn’t asking the right ones and time is running out John finally asks how he can save the island. The answer that he tells Ben and Hurley, they need to move it.

Here is my theory on the Christian Shepard thing and Claire for that matter. I think Christian is really dead and so is Claire. I can’t point out who and when Claire died but I think she is dead and is now among the spirits. The more I think about Miles and his reaction to her the more I think that she is dead. BTW: Miles and Sawyer were not heard form this episode.

The Freighter –
Keamy and his men return to the freighter. The men offload the wounded man and are helped by the doctor. What? Is this the same doctor that had been floating in the water with his throat slashed last episode? What is going on here. I’m sure it wasn’t a continuity error like having Dr. Kelso still Chief of Medicine in the season finale of Scrubs? Nope, the island has its own set of continuity errors. The doctor is alive and well, for now. Keamy is furious and goes after Michael, he wanted to know how Ben knew all about him. Michael admits that he told Ben. Keamy tried to kill Michael but his gun miraculously jams. Keamy tears around the freighter intimidating everyone including the captain and he takes the captains key so that he can get the secondary mission parameters. And they are to burn the island. Keamy and his team prepare for the raid on the island and they are loaded for bear with all sorts of weapons.

The Captain helps Sayid escape from the freighter, Desmond stays on the Freighter as he spent three years on the island and is not going back. Frank Laupidis helps Michael into the engine room and away from the murderous Keamy.

One of Keamy’s men talks with the doctor about the Morse code that they received about the doctor having his throat slashed. “But I’m the doctor” Oh the foreboding foreshadowing. Keamy orders that Frank fly the team to the island so they can kill everyone there and burn the island down. Frank refuses and to show him that he means business Keamy kills the doctor. Slashes his throat and throws him overboard. The captain shows up to put an end to things but he is also killed by Keamy. Frank takes off but as he is doing his preflight check he does something to one of the satellite phones.

Team Jack –
Jack is up and about after his surgery, and of course he shouldn’t be. There is a sound of the chopper coming back and a bag is tossed out of the window and onto one of the huts. Jack digs through the bag to discover a satellite phone. He assumes that it was sent to them so that they would follow the chopper. Really? Jack, really? That is not too smart. I would think that it would be tuned to Keamy’s frequency so they knew when he was coming and could hide or get away or something. But the beach team still doesn’t know about Keamy because the absent Sawyer and Miles and Aaron haven’t made it back to the beach.

The time shifting is getting hard to follow, but makes for some cool things in the show. Next Week we see the Oceanic six make their debut. Then we have a week of no lost (which sucks but I won’t be home that week so it is good that we (Allison and I and Mo via text) can have 3 hours of lost on the 29th. This time I won’t make Cajun (burnt) popcorn.

What did TV Squad Say?

And what did Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology have to say (I’ve been reading this blog too and like it)

Also it looks like the writer’s strike is not going to effect lost too much. Two extra hours have been added, one each of the two next seasons. And with the extra hour this season we should get the full story.

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6 thoughts on “Lost: Cabin Fever”

  1. We met Horace in season 4, He was the one who drove up to Ben’s family when he mother started giving birth in the middle of nowhere and also the one who brought Ben and his Dad to the Island in the first place.

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  2. Navillus,
    Thanks very much for the reminder about that. I had forgotten but figured that he was seen before, just couldn’t place him.

  3. Hey Drew,

    I hope that time travel doesn’t actually play into the show, but the more and more i think about it it will. I think ageless Richard Alpert is using what we will find out is some form of time machine that is located behind Bens bookcase. When Ben went into the bookcase a few episodes ago after his daughter was killed I have a feeling he time travelled to the future and found Sayid as we saw in the “Flash Forward”.
    As I was writing this the title of the show just took on a new meaning… There just not Lost…their “Lost in Time” and that is why it is almost impossible to find the island… Just my two cents.

  4. Hey Don,
    I do believe that Time travel has something to do with this, space time and all that. I’m not sure about the time machine being behind Ben’s bookcase or not but it may be there, or it may be at the temple. I think the last three hours are going to reveal a ton and also give us even more questions.

    As you say about Alex I wonder if there is some way that Ben can journey back or forward or both in time to try and save her or is there truly no way to change the past or the future?

  5. a) i still find the blackened popcorn you inflicted on your wife unforgivable. so you have a few weeks to perfect your skills. it shouldn’t be too hard…it’s like cage fighting skills…just that important!

    2) i’m starting to think that ben and john are related. correct me if i’m wrong…but wasn’t ben’s mommy’s name emily too? i agree with you on claire-i think she bit it in the explosion last week. i also think that charlie was telling jack he wasn’t supposed to raise him because she wanted sawyer and kate to. i think that christian has/had plans for his son and jack is just disappointing him again.

    d) i’m looking forward to the finale. i will be at disney for a management conference, but my roommate is a hard core fan as well…so we have already scheduled it into our itinerary! i will be texting my little fingers off!! i wonder if they will do something at the hollywood studios, like screen it there or something. i’ll have to investigate…that would be pretty cool.

    $) how did you enjoy my essay style comment?!?!

    Mo’s last blog post..I’m coming home!!!

  6. a.) The blackened popcorn was still edible. I’ll work on perfecting it.
    2.) Oh Ben and John being related, that is interesting. Tat would be cool. Yeah Claire is most likely dead. I’m not sure if it is because Kate and Sawyer are supposed to raise Aaron or is there something else going on. I think eventually when Jack finally does the right thing then he will reconcile with his father. I think Jack is the most LOST of all.
    d.) Looking forward to the finale as well.
    Nice mega essay comment, Thanks.

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