Lost His Two Front Teeth

Andrew Lost His Two Front Teeth

Well, his two front teeth are gone. Andrew has had some tough wigglers hanging out in his mouth for a while now. Yesterday he lost one of them and today he lost the second one. He’s pretty excited about it. He was thrilled that the Tooth Fairy visited last night and is excited about another visit tonight.

Allison told me that Andrew had a pretty great day and he was really well behaved. He charmed people at the Supermarket where they went to pick up ingredients for meatballs and spaghetti. Andrew wanted to be able to do that with Allison today. So, they made the meatballs, 115 of them, and he got to ride bikes and also even a Happy Meal for lunch. He had a good day. Now he has a new smile to match that.

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One thought on “Lost His Two Front Teeth”

  1. love his new smile! Glad the Tooth Fairy visited twice, I bet he was thrilled as well!

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