Lost: There’s no place like home Part 1

This is a recap – so their will be spoilers.

Lost was good but this was a set up episode for the season finale which will be May 29th. It is two hours and will have this episode kicking off the three hour night of LOST.

We start off with the Oceanic 6 coming home. They are headed for a base in Hawaii (convenient since they film the show there). So Jack, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron are on the Coast Guard plane. There were a few mentions of luck and rabbits feet in this episode. The co-pilot had one and there was one on the keychain that Hurley’s dad gives him later.

Okay, let me break this down by teams and off island stuff.

Team Jack –
The team on the beach is now deciding what to do wit the phone from the sky. Jack and Kate are going to go find the chopper because Jack is convinced that it was dropped so that they should follow the signal. I didn’t agree with this last week but it looks like I was wrong. So Jack and Kate go after the helicopter. They first listen to the monitor and hear about the Orchid station. Jack tells Kate to get the guns. Daniel has a memory trigger and goes to his notebook, he realizes what is in store so he tells Charlotte that they have to get off the island, now.

Jack and Kate find Miles and Sawyer and Aaron. Sawyer warns Jack about the guys in the chopper, this is where Jack dumps Aaron on Kate and presses on. Of course Sawyer goes with him. They find the helicopter and Frank. But then Sawyer remembers that Hurley is with Ben and Locke and so they have to go save him.

Kate gets back to the beach with Aaron and dumps him on Sun, Sayid is back form the freighter and Daniel has the task of ferrying people to the ship, 6 at a time. Sayid and Kate go after Jack and Sawyer. Eventually they are surrounded by the remaining Others led by Richard Alpert.

So at this point we have Jack and Sawyer on their way to the Orchid to save Hurley, Kate and Sayid are among “The Others” and that brings us to…

Team Locke –
Locke and Ben and Hurley are headed for the Orchid Station. I am really enjoying the interaction between Ben and Hurley “Those crackers are 15 years old”. Ben comes across a cache of supplies including a mirror and binoculars. He uses the mirror to signal someone up on the mountain. They make contact and Ben sends some sort of message, he won’t tell Locke what he said either.

So Ben, Locke and Hurley arrive at the Orchid Station. The Mercs are already there so Ben goes in alone, not before he tells Locke exactly how to get into the true Orchid Station. Ben gives Locke his retractable baton (right, that was what he gave him) and he heads off. He tells Locke that he always has a plan. I hope that plan included getting knocked out by Keamy because that is what happened to Ben.

The Freighter –
On the Freighter Michael has fixed the engines and the freighter can then head towards the island. The problem is that there is a radio signal messing with the radar so they cannot hold the course bearing. Desmond goes looking for the source of the interference and find a wicked freaking huge piles of C4 rigged to destroy the entire freighter. I wonder where that trigger is, Keamy’s arm perhaps?

Sun, Jin, Aaron, Daniel and some random losties make it to the freighter. There Sun and Jin find Michael. They confront him and accuse him of working for Ben. Michael denies it and tells them that he is there to make things right to save everyone.

So now we have the oceanic six all in different places, Sun and Aaron on the Freighter, Hurley with Locke, Jack with Sawyer, Sayid and Kate with “The Others”. We find out how they get rescued in the finale but the things that really are going to be important is who is gonna live and who is gonna die in the finale. What sort of cliff hanger will we get here.

The Oceanic Six.
They are back, they have their story straight. They are going to talk to the press. There is a big press conference in an airplane hanger. Jack gives the base story and each person gets to say something. Kate’s past is brought up, there is a mention at Hurley’s weight.

After the press conference family members are there to greet the Oceanic 6. Hurley’s parents are there and it was good to see Cheech Marin again. Hurley pulls Sayid over to meet them. That was a sweet moment because there was no one for Sayid. Jack’s mother was there and Sun’s parents were as well. Kate had Aaron.

As life gets back to normal for the Oceanic 6 Hurley returns home to whispers and voices. But it isn’t anything supernatural it is an “island” themed party. I am glad that Sayid said something about the theme. At the party we have Sayid and Nadia (Oh yeah, Nadia arrived at the hanger after everyone else had gone). Jack was running late but Kate and Aaron were there. Sun went back to Korea.

Hurley’s father has restored the Camaro and he is giving it to Hurley. Hurley wants nothing to do with the money but since his father rebuilt this on his own he is okay with it, that is until he looks at the odometer. On it are the numbers. Yes the numbers return to the show. Man that is nuts.

In Korea Sun used her substantial settlement money to buy a controlling interest in her father’s company. That was a fantastic part of the episode and she really put him in his place. She blames two people for the death of Jin and her father is one of them. I want to know who the other is.

Jack has a funeral for his father, and in the end Claire’s mother is there to tell him why Christian was in Australia. Jack’s reaction to finding out that Claire was his sister was spot on perfect.

I don’t think I can wait two weeks to see this season wrapped up. There are gonna be so many more questions.

The Orchid is going to be a very interesting place. If you want to know more about it watch this orientation video.

That was freaky. Oh and try and look up Orchid Night Dress from Old Navy, it doesn’t exist.

Here is what TV Squad had to say.

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6 thoughts on “Lost: There’s no place like home Part 1”

  1. Kim,
    You really did have to watch this show from the begining to get all the nuance of it. Sure it is not for everyone but I certainly am a huge fan. There are quite a few shows I couldn’t get into either.

  2. I love Lost, my daughter and I watch it every week. It’s the only show that I can honestly say that I’m completely lost about what’s happening! It’s so confusing.

  3. I find that I have been able to follow everything but last night certainly had me all over the places as the Oceanic 6 were in so many places that it was impossible for me to figure out how they would end up together.

  4. LOST is my favorite TV show! I love the wild ride it’s taking me on! I’m surprised Claire’s mother was alive though, I thought she was being taken off life support. Did I miss something? LOL!

    Sue’s last blog post..My Birthday Haul!

  5. Sue,
    It certainly has been a wild ride ever since last season’s finale. As far as Claire’s mother being alive, that was one of those mysteries that many people are talking about, I wonder if we will find out how she woke up, most likely her survival-revival would be tied to Claire dying or something like that.

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