Love and a Hellfire Brownie

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2010. We had a nice day together as a family. Allison and Eva gave me cards and Eva loves be because I brought her to the “fish feeding store” i.e. Bass Pro Shops. After a nice Mass we helped distribute some Dunkin Donuts Munchkins to people. That was sponsored by the Marriage Prep Ministry. Allison and I have been on the Marriage Prep Ministry for a couple of years now and we’ll be part of the upcoming one as well. While we were there Eva had her fill of munchkins and she played with some other little kids and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

For the most part our Sunday was a typical one where we went and visited with Memere and Grandfather, read the Sunday paper (my reading of the paper consists of the sale papers, coupons and funnies). We then had a quick lunch and headed to the Farmer’s Market. Eva fell asleep in the car almost at the end of the street. She and Allison stayed in the car while I shopped at the North Attleboro Winter Farmer’s Market and then over to Stop & Shop. Eva’s napping has been very spotty the past few months she refuses to go down for a nap but if we can get her into the car and go somewhere inevitably she is asleep when we arrive.

Our third shopping trip after starting the envelope system. We’ve spent the entire food budget for the month already. However, we bought so much ahead that if we didn’t do another shopping the rest of the month we are perfectly fine to be on budget overall. The only things we’d need to pick up the rest of the month are cold cuts for lunches. I’m not too worried about this and we will readjust the budget next month. We might need a little less overall because I’ll be back on the road next month.

Yes, I am going to start traveling again. My former group needed some help to cover some demos and they called me back for two weeks over the next two months. So far I have upcoming trips planned to go to MI and MD. I don’t have all the particulars yet.

As a family we watched The Little Mermaid (aff link) (Eva’s been watching the other two direct to DVD Little Mermaid movies: Ariel’s Beginning and Little Mermaid II) and I made popcorn. We fed Eva and put her to bed early so that Allison and I could share a grown up meal. We got the recipe from Real Simple Magazine (aff link) and it was a delicious roast chicken with grape tomatoes and Kalamata olives. We also shared a bottle of Dry Peach wine that we got from Nashoba Valley Winery back in 2006. It was delicious. The whole meal and evening was a nice one and we enjoyed spending time together without our computers in front of our faces.

We also watched Whip It (aff link) on our On Demand and enjoyed that movie very much. It was funny and cute and had a decent story. During the movie we shared our dessert which was a Hellfire Brownie. This is a brownie with Cajun seasoning and beer soaked raisins. It was a good brownie but didn’t have the kick that I was looking for. Ever since we had those SparX Spicy Cookies way back when I’ve wanted other chocolate and spicy seasoning combinations.

Also in the photo is a cookie for Allison called the Key to you Heart cookie from Jack’s Cookie Jar.

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8 thoughts on “Love and a Hellfire Brownie”

  1. Happy to hear you had such a nice family day:) Especially when it involves the Little Mermaid…she’s my favorite…for obvious reasons:) I just gave Jadyn Ariel’s Beginning…it’s a LOT less scary than the original-of course I know the movie by heart so we skip the Ursula parts. I love that you can do that with DVD’s:) Happy Valentine’s Day to the Bennett Fam…a day late:)

    1. Mo,
      Thanks for the Happy V Day wishes. We have the set of Ariel’s Beginning, The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II. I think I’ve fallen asleep at the end of each. Eva’s much better about the shark and Ursula in the Little Mermaid these days.

  2. Drew,

    That brownie sounds absolutely disgusting certainly not something I would ever buy. However not that you have eaten is an proclaimed it is good I might think about it. Probably not as I don’t like raisins and soaking them in beer really does not sound like a way to make them taste better.

    To each his own I guess. Did the brownie have HFCS (high Fructose Corn Syrup) in it If not it might be one of the few things I am eating in a couple weeks


    1. Andy,
      I didn’t check on the HFCS. I’m thinking no because this is a bakery that makes wholesome breads and other items. I think that you should swing over to the Winter Famer’s Market and pick up some non HFCS stuff. Buy local grown and you get better results I think.

      1. I might just have to swing by the farmer’s market. You defintely do get better results with locally grown products. It is so hard to keep track of what we are eating. The closer you get to the source the better off you are.

        It is kind of insane to think about what goes into farm rasied salmon. They are feed corn and given drugs to make their flesh a brighter pink color.

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