MA Voters: Vote Yes on Question #3

If you know me than you know I am not a fan of politics. I don’t like to talk about it I don’t really care about the issues because at the end of the day I still have to get up, go to work and go home. My money is taken and misused by both the Republicans and Democrats. Both sides have their good points and both have their bad points. That being said I am going to make a political statement on this blog.

I’ve stated on a few occasions that I have a particular loathing for people who are cruel to animals, children and the elderly. People who prey on those weaker then themselves physically, certainly not weaker in any other way as the predator is the weakest of them all. I for one am helping to teach our daughter to be a good person to those who are relying on us to for protection and caring.

In Massachusetts the ballot has a question on it, Question #3. It has to do with phasing out Greyhound Racing in MA. I personally think that this should have been phased out long ago. There is no doubt in my mind that these animals get abused. They do and I am sick of the ads that say vote no on question 3 where people are trying to make you feel bad that they will be out of jobs. Question #3 calls for phasing out and making illegal greyhound racing in MA by 2010. That is plenty of time to get some help wanted ads and retraining into the hands of the 707 people who will lose their jobs.

I am voting Yes on Question #3. I’m not telling you how you should vote on that question but I am saying that I want this to stop.

Here is some information that might help you make your decision tomorrow if you are in the state of MA. This was sent to me by my sister.

For 75 years, greyhounds have suffered at Bay State racetracks..

Right now, thousands of dogs endure lives of terrible confinement at these tracks, forced to live in small cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for at least 20 hours a day.

When they are let out of their cages to race, many dogs suffer serious injuries.

Since 2002 alone more than 800 dogs have injured in Massachusetts, including dogs that suffered broken legs, paralysis and death from cardiac arrest. In our state, a greyhound is injured every three to four days. Finally, greyhounds have recently died from a mysterious illness and tested positive for cocaine.

This is cruel and inhumane, and must be stopped. Tomorrow, you have a historic opportunity to end this cruelty for good by voting YES on Question 3.

Eight years ago, a nearly identical question was defeated by the closest of margins, 51% to 49%. If the Greyhound Protection Act is defeated again, thousands of dogs will suffer at these tracks in the years to come. We simply cannot afford to let that happen.

This is the last chance for thousands of sensitive, gentle greyhounds, and they are counting on all of us. Please give them your vote tomorrow.

Vote YES for the dogs on Question 3.

For the dogs,

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

Is there a good reason to keep profiting off these greyhounds? I don’t think so but you might. So if you agree or disagree voice your opinion. Just be civil please as this is a safe place to comment without being mocked or attacked. I moderate my comments.

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8 thoughts on “MA Voters: Vote Yes on Question #3”

  1. Yes on 1, 2 & 3!

    End the income tax-ELIMINATE STATE WASTE!

    Decriminalize Marijuana. Stop making Criminals out of “just folks.”

    Stop animal cruelty!

    HotDogman for President!!!!

  2. Good for you. What a great cause. Can they stop racing dachshunds while they are at it, too? I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for those little guys, too.

    corrins last blog post..God Bless You

  3. Corrin,
    Race Dachshunds? REally? Who does that? I will have to read up on this, I don’t know of any Dachshund racing in the area.

  4. Thanks Mo, but my sister is the one responsible for lighting a fire under me to say something here. I can’t take all the credit.

  5. I was bitterly disappointed when the greyhound question didn’t pass back in 2000. Hopefully, this will be the year.

    The “no on 3” ads annoy me, too. Yeah, people will be out of work, but maybe they should have found a more ethical line of work to begin with. And the ads show NO proof that the dogs are not being abused. One woman says, “what these people are saying about us is not true”. It’s not? Well, I’ve yet to see the proof. I see plenty of proof on the “vote yes” side, though.

    As you can tell, I feel very strongly about this issue. I’m definitely voting YES on this one!

    Christines last blog post..Almost time to head out…

  6. I agree with you Christine. And don’t take this the wrong way but you crack me up when you said “As you can tell, I feel very strongly about this issue.” I NEVER have any doubt how you feel about and issue. And that is a great thing.

    I can’t stand the ads either, but after today no more hearing or seeing them. I can’t wait for the end of political ads. Sell me a car or an iPod that is fine, I miss that.

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