Make those Cupcakes 20% Cooler

Photo-A-Day #2876

Today was the last full day (for me) of Eva’s school vacation. So I had planned a special cooking activity to do with her. We were going to make Rainbow (Dash) cupcakes. I picked up some yellow cake and some blue frosting with rainbow colored sprinkles. I had seen other people making multicolored cakes and cupcakes online and I wanted to try it out. This would be a fun activity for both Eva and I to do together.

Eva stirring the batter

Eva helped me mix up all of the cake batter. She even helped crack the eggs. When all of the batter was mixed up I separated it into multiple bowls. There were six bowls in total, one for each color of the rainbow. I added the food color and she mixed them up.

The dyed batter

I then layered out the batter into the pan.

The batter in the pan

I was surprised to find the batter hadn’t stayed in the nice neat layers that I made but instead came up and busted over the top of the pan in multicolor. Since the pan I used isn’t exactly a cupcake pan so when they were done I put them all on the same plate so that I could frost them.

Laying out the cupcakes.

Once they were frosted we were able to serve them up like pieces of cake.

The cake of cupcakes frosted.

While the cakes didn’t come out exactly like I wanted them to come out they did end up looking pretty cool and tasting great.

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