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Today my All in One Brewing Kit arrived from A little while after I got home the UPS guy came a calling. He left my this Coopers All in One Brewing Kit. I asked him if I had to sign for the box, he said no, but he’d love some of the beer.

I attended a beer tasting party put on by Karen (@karengarcia) & Joel Garcia (@joeldgarcia) and Wade Tonkin (@affile8warrior) of GTO Management. The beers that were at the party were from Coopers, the brewery that makes the All in One Brewing Kit that just arrived.

I really enjoyed drinking the beer and I read about how easy it was to make my own beer at home with the kit. I want to try it out for myself so I can truly attest to the ease, the taste and the fun of making beer at home. The kit has everything I need and if it works as expected I will order more kits to try different flavors.

As I make the beer I intend to make videos showing you just how easy (I hope) it is to make beer with this kit.

I was given a code for me and for my readers, it is BENSPARK and it gets you 10% off purchases of $50 or more. The code lasts till 3/31. There is another code for free shipping so if you think one is better than the other then go ahead and check them both out.

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I hope that everyone had a great Saint Partick’s Day. We enjoyed a delicious boiled dinner and had enough left over for corned beef hash for tomorrow night. Eva was cute in her Saint Patrick’s Green today too.

Me, I only had a green shirt for my morning workout and totally forgot to wear green all day. I have a bunch of green dress shirts, too. Shoot.

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14 thoughts on “MakeBeer.Net Made a Timely Delivery”

  1. Hey Ben,

    First off, welcome to the passion man. I extremely love homebrewing my own beer and I’ve found that it just makes better beer.

    You’ll have to tell me how that kit turns out for you. I ended up starting with a kit my father in law gave me, but in all the searching I’ve done I’ve always thought that the Northern Brewer kit was the best bang for you buck. However, I’d like to hear more about yours and see how it turns out for you.

    Good luck on the first endeavor. What are you brewing up first?

    Mike’s Brew Review
    .-= Look at what Mike wrote blog ..saaz-hops =-.

    1. Mike,
      Thanks for the warm welcome. I will be talking about this process all along the way as I learn how to brew. I actually am not sure which type of beer was included in the kit but Coopers makes a bunch of flavors. If this goes well, I will be trying more.

  2. I forgot to wear green all day too. We are planning on making our own wine soon. We have the berries in the freezer just for this purpose. Still have to get some materials for it though.
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    1. Deborah,
      Dontcha just hate it when that happens. Drives me crazy when I forget. I’d be excited to hear how the wine turns out. Keep me informed.

  3. Part of my Flamenco warmup is a Beer and a cigarette, but haven’t made my own since the 80’s and I also have some distant memories of Dads home brewed beer bottles exploding!!!

    But getting one of these kits is definately on my to do list!
    .-= Look at what Pablo wrote blog ..La Mirada 2010 =-.

    1. Hi Pablo,
      Exploding bottles, woah! That is nuts. I hope that doesn’t happen with mine. I don’t think it will. but now you’ve put that possibility in my mind.

    1. Raju,
      Eva was just hanging out on Saint Patrick’s Day. I will try to create something new. Will most likely do it in a couple of weeks.

  4. I bought my Coopers kit about 5 years ago. I’m glad I did. I’ve made some pretty good beer, I think I’m my biggest critic. My friends all seem to like my beer better than me! My goal has been to make a beer that I’d buy in a store…. Haven’t got there yet. Oh well, still a fun hobby. The Coopers kit has a really nice fermenter that I’ve used for wine making to. Have fun with your kit!
    Look at what Jason wrote blog post ..Wedding Wine Labels

      1. What kind? A Coopers brand? Have you tried any “Partial Mash” kits? Those kits that have some malted barley grains and the extract / separate hops. I’ve done a couple of these, a little more involved but they do make a little better beer, IMHO. BTW… Have fun moving!
        Look at what Jason wrote blog post ..Wedding Wine Labels

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