Mary Poppins at Boston Opera House

Paramount Boston
Photo-A-Day #2146

Tonight Allison, Eva and I went with my sisters Tara and Shelby to see Mary Poppins at the Boston Opera House. We first had a great dinner at P.F. Chang’s. Erik joined us there for dinner. It was delicious. After dinner we said goodbye to Erik and then headed to the Opera House.

We hoofed it from P.F. Chang’s to the Opera house. We got there just as the show was starting and it was a packed house. Eva was so cute in her little dress, pink shoes and Rothchild coat. She was so excited to be at the show too.

Mary Poppins is one of the first movies that Eva ever watched and when she watched it she fell in love with it. She’s probably watched that movie about 40 times. I’ve watched it so many times with her that I was thinking about doing a blog post about it and all the special little details of the movie. Allison knitted Eva Mary Poppins’ scarf too. I mean she loves Mary Poppins.

Most of the show we spent watching Eva and her expressions. She was delighted by all of the songs and dances and loved Step in Time. I thought the show was amazing. Very well done.

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4 thoughts on “Mary Poppins at Boston Opera House”

    1. Mo,

      It was a really fun time. I probably would have had a better write up if I wasn’t so annoyed with my blog messing up every other thing.

    1. Tricia,

      the show was fantastic. We all loved it very much. I am a big Mary Poppins fan. I can’t think of any other Julie Andrews’ where she is more beautiful. I also love so many parts of the movie and am going to do my Mary Poppins post at some point. I’ve seen the movie enough. 🙂

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