Schooling me on Math Match

Schooling me on Math Match

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We received a review copy of Math Match from University Games for free to try out and review. Opinions are my own.

Kids are in hybrid schooling, quarantine or lockdown all over the country. Parents are looking for quality entertainment and learning options for their kids. Luckily University Games has some entertaining options for kids. One of their latest games is called Math Match and I was able to play it with Andy. The game is pretty simple and in order for their to be a level playing field Adults have one set of objectives and kids have another. You roll a pair of dice and look at the two numbers on the dice. Adults can then multiply those two numbers to get the target number, Then they need to look at 7 number cards on the table and using math get as close as they can to matching that number. If they get a math match then they win the cards. Andy was very good at this. He was able to add and subtract quickly while I had to use multiplication and division for my matches. It soon became apparent that he had some good math and matching skills. He enjoyed this ame very much because he kept beating me as I had lots of cobwebs to clear out as I was combing through my multiplication tables. I was also trying to make the longest math equations to get the most cards. Great game for ages 5-12. You can easily do a couple of quick rounds with the kids when tight on time and it reinforces good math skills.

The Website says the game is coming soon. I have been unable to find release dates for the game or link on amazon for pre-orders. I do have the University Games Website where you can go to check on the game availability.

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