Mayhem – Pet of the Week

Mayhem-female 10 weeks, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

Mayhem is a female cat who is feral and she needs some extra TLC. Feral cats can be pretty awesome and affectionate animals. Our two boys Oliver and Duncan are extra sweet and love the attention that they receive at our home.

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14 thoughts on “Mayhem – Pet of the Week”

  1. One of our cats is feral. I found her near my sons daycare center a year and a half ago. She was just a kitten when I found her maybe 8 weeks.

    She has turned out to be a wonderful cat and very loving. however she dosnt like anyone else but us. She will run and hide from unfamiliar people.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Twisted

  2. Daisy,
    Isn’t that a nice subtle marking on Mayhem, I wonder how she ended up with that name. I don’t name the cats, the Shelter does, so Mayhem must have done something to earn a name like that.

  3. Michelle,
    One of our boys warms up to outsiders but the other runs and hides. They are like night and day. We also think that they were living off BBQ because they practically attack us whenever we have it for dinner.

  4. Cynthia,
    Thanks very much, Mayhem does have such beautiful markings, she was so shy that I was lucky to even get this one shot.

  5. Aisha,
    She certainly is, and she is so shy but she had just gotten there, so I figure she warmed up a bit, especially with a name like Mayhem.

  6. Sue,
    That is a good question. Feral means that Mayhem was wild. She lived out on her own for a while. Feral cats are not as socialized as cats that have been cared for by people. They are still very lovable but it takes time because they are more timid.

  7. Andree,
    Eight of them, but you live out in the country so some are outdoor cats, right? Although 8 is getting up there… I think Allison wishes she could take even more cats in. I can just imagine the size of the furballs.

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