MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants: Dark Castle Conquest Review

Dark Castle Conquest - Castle under attack from the front

Of all the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants sets that we’ve been given to review, this one, the Dark Castle Conquest was the largest most involved build of them all and it was pretty awesome, to boot! The product was provided for the review and our opinions are as always, 100% our own.

The Dark Castle Conquest is a set with 924 pieces. You build the castle in three stages and there are three different instruction books to follow. When we started out the build we opened each bag of bloks and organized them on the table. I liked how bloks of the same size and color were in the same bags. I could open a bag and know that if here was a grey 2×1 piece then all of those grey 2×1 pieces would be in the bag and I wouldn’t have to look for them in other bags. I liked that organization, it makes for quicker building. I made the video of our build which cuts off my head at the end. I’ve got to figure out something to do about that in the future.

In the photos I set up the Dark Castle and a bunch of the other sets to show the scale and to set up an epic battle scene. Eva was going to tell a story about it but that was taking a long time and she wasn’t that loud so, another day. It took us a few weeks to get this review done because we started it one night before vacation, then went on vacation and then attempted to work on it again before the next vacation. we did pretty well getting it complete. I should have taken more photos along the way but these ones from the finished product show of the different fun features of the set.

The Dark Castle Conquest comes with four figures, two that are found no where else, one that is a repeat from the Battle portals and one is a Giant. The figures are Bouncer in his standard color scheme. The regular sized Skylander is Ignitor who is exactly the same as his Battle portal figures, I would have loved to have seen him in a hat or something different or even a different character. Then you have Glumshanks and Kaos. These figures are not found in any other set and other than the set of McDonalds figures this is the only Kaos figure around.


The Kaos figure is nice. However, he has no legs, not that he needs them since he is always wearing that robe. He stands up easily and can hide in the secret room at the top of the castle. I had to modify the instructions a bit for that section because you could not turn the fake wall when built as shown in the book. You had to move it out a peg to make it work, correctly.

Glumshanks on the wall with a Chompie

I like the Glumshanks figure, he’s one of my favorite characters in the game, the long suffering assistant to the bumbling evil overlord. the figure looks good and it is highly pose-able as well. I really like that many of the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants figures can be posed easily.

The Rear of the Dark Castle

I took a bunch of figures from other sets and placed them around the Dark castle. You can see in the photo above that there is a little courtyard on the back of the castle. there figures can climb ladders, stand by the fountain explore secret rooms, avoid traps and more.

Eye Brawl and the Barrel Trap

One of the traps is a bunch of barrels that can be rolled at an oncoming Skylander. Eye Brawl had better watch his step.

Dark Castle under attack from the rear

I set up a big battle at the rear of the Dark Castle with a bunch of other sets that I’ve previously reviewed to show the massive battles that you can have with the different sets. The Dark Castle comes with a catapult that can launch sheep through different rings and the portal at the top of the castle. The portal is held on by some pipe-like b=pegs and it just sits there, however there is enough of a tilt that the portal piece slides right off. I found a few extra pieces and secured the portal to the stone ring so that it doesn’t fall off when playing. I would have liked to have seen that better executed but I found a workaround that I’m okay with so it is fine.

I really enjoyed building this set and look forward to paying with all of our current MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants sets in the days and weeks and years to come. Eva’s got a story coming soon so I’ll be sure to video that when it happens.

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