MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Turret Air Raid with Terrafin

Terrafin and the Turret Air Raid MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants set exclusive to Target

At the end of last week I reviewed the Sky Turret Defense playset from MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants. I was in Target and saw that they had an exclusive set called the Turret Air Raid which came with Terrafin in a Pirate Do Rag. Both sets are pretty much identical but come with different colors and figures. I’ve noticed that the exclusive sets are coming with special hats like the Target exclusive Dark Spyro in the Viking helmet. Here’s a video review of the set.

I like the look of Terrafin in the Pirate ‘Do Rag. He just looks better in this hat. Although the full on Pirate hat looks great on him as well (In the game). I’d love to see an exclusive Gill Grunt figure with that hat because he looks the best in it.

Terrafn with the Pirate Do Rag in the Turret Air Raid Playset from MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants

Between the Sky Turret Defense set and the Turret Air Raid set I like aspects of both so it is hard to compare. The Sky Turret Defense has more accurate colors from the Skylanders Giants Game. However, I like the blue pipes and blue missile for the Turret Air Raid set over the Sky Turret Defense set. I like the golden hatch on the Turret Air Raid set and may have to do some mixing and matching to make the final turret that is to my liking.

I bought this set myself.

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