Mega Party at Rehab – The Hard Rock in Vegas!

On the way home from dinner tonight I was talking to my friend Jessica. I mentioned that I would be writing a post about Rehab the television show on truTV. She got so animated about the show. “I love that show it is so fun to watch!” I hadn’t heard much about it so I asked her what she thought of it and why she liked it so much. She explained to me that basically Rehab is a giant pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and the show revolves around the staff that keep the party rolling and keeps party-goers safe. She knew all the people on the show and was describing who everyone was and who she liked and who she’d want to hang out with. It made me more interested in finding out more about what this Real-Life television show as all about.

The Rehab season premiere was this past Tuesday, September 1st. So at this point you are two episodes into the season but you can jump in and catch up. The show is on Tuesday nights at 10pm. And what I’ve seen from this clip the show has so much Real-Life drama in it that it will keep you entertained, if you enjoy these sorts of shows.

Occasionally we may watch a show like this because of the people behind the scenes and in Rehab those are the people of main focus. We can see how the staff and security keep chaos under control while still being attentive to the big-spending customers. Sure, there are all the pretty people who get in and enjoy the party at the pool. It is one of the biggest parties on the whole Las Vegas strip. Jessica was telling me that people wait in line at 5:00am just to get in at 9:00am. That has to be some party to wait that long to get it in.

I’ve been to a party in Vegas before it wasn’t at Rehab it was at Tao and it was a great time. It was for Postiecon and it was an amazing time. I could only imagine how crazy it would have been had it been at REHAB: PARTY AT THE HARD ROCK HOTEL. From what I’ve heard Rehab is THE party in Vegas. Jessica was telling me that the wait staff and bartenders make serious cake every week from the high rolling big spenders who want to see and be seen. What makes this the hottest party is probably all the pretty people that attend. There is something about putting that much pretty in one place that makes others gravitate to around. It also makes drama sucked in like a giant black hole and so each week there is going to be someone acting like a complete knucklehead and the staff has to deal with that person or people.

Like watching a train wreck you can’t turn away, however it is the level headed-ness of the staff and security of Rehab that puts the human face on this crazy party. Some people probably want to live vicariously through the pretty people on the show. Not me. I’d identify more with the staff in the security area. I’m happy to see the show focus on those people rather than all the pretty people it exemplifies what Real-Life television is all about rather than reality television which has no basis in reality anymore.

I’m not one for crazy parties I’m more one for making sure people have a good time but safely and sanely. I can identify with how the staff has to deal with totally irrational and boozed up people. I had to do that on a regular basis for four years as I was a residence hall director. You develop a relationship with your students and you know when they have had too much craziness and need to be put to sleep, it is better for everyone in the long run. So, I can only imagine having a ton of people all trying to have a great time and some people totally overindulging.

truTV’s Rehab is having a sweepstakes for you to win your chance to party like a rock star at Rehab at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool. All youhave to do is head over to the Rehab contest page to enter.


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