Meh Cats

Meh Cats
Photo-A-Day #1648

tonight I took one of my favorite photos of Oliver. Oliver often looks like he has that sour “Meh” look on his face. I personally hate the word “Meh” and find it irritating when people say it. However, I was watching my twitter stream and I saw someone say the url I went to it immediately but found nothing. No one had registered it. An idea shot into my head. LolCats is all about funny things that cats say and do so why not to the antithesis in that make a site of cats who have perfect, pretentious diction and are impressed by nothing and call it

So I registered it. I haven’t done anything yet but it is my url now and I think I may run with it. Might be funny. Or it might be as they say teh suck. (You know it is harder to write teh when you are trying than when you are not.)

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19 thoughts on “Meh Cats”

  1. Drew — sounds like a fun idea, and if you can get it off the ground, folks will start sending you photos to post so you’ll never have to look for content!

    1. Hey Luigi,

      I see that you are leaving real comments, that is great, please stop using Print Brochures for your name, I’m looking to talk to real people here, thank you. Glad you liked the photo.

  2. Would Oliver be the head blogger? I think it’s a great idea, and good catch on the name. You’re also absolutely right- it’s harder to type teh when you’re trying.

  3. Drew, that idea sounds fabulous! I would so do it if I were you. A ton of cats have ‘tude so it may just work. You don’t have to use the “lolcat” language tho, make it unique. 🙂

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