Melted Wax on the Rocks with Andrew

Crayons and Hot Rocks
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00139

When I woke up for work today I found Andrew working on a little project. Often when he funds projects on YouTube we don’t do them because they end up being a bit messy or complicated. But this project was a good one that he could do with little supervision. He saw a video about all these 5 minute crafts that you can do with rocks and one caught his eye. Melting crayons on heated rocks.

It is pretty simple, find some rocks, heat them in the oven, touch crayons to the heated rocks to melt the wax on the rocks. When you are done you have some wax colored rocks with cool designs. I helped Andrew with the final rock, which was a larger one. We learned about how the various sizes of the rocks mean that they retain heat for different amounts of time. This big guy needed more time than the rest to cool enough to be safe to use. In the end this is the one that he gave to me.

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