Mickey Tato Head

Photo-A-Day #1676

Today, well today is just about being silly. Dina Riccobono came and visited us this Saturday and while she was here she asked Eva to say hello to a few bloggers out there. Here are her cute videos.

Dina asks Eva about making a song for Ted Murphy.

Dina, I guess the video doesn’t automatically turn, LOL.

Eva continues to make wonderful music for Ted Murphy and also mentions Ashley Edwards who apparently according to Eva, is a singer.

In this video Eva declares her love for Ted Murphy, Ashely Edwards and John Raser, she eventually says hello to Chris Brogan but gets distracted by our cat Duncan. She also says John Chow in such a cute way.

I think that video was the first one where Dina decided to start interviewing Eva. Eva knew that Dina was from MarketLeverage and she knows that I have a blog however She thinks it is called BenSparkles.com

Eva then says hello to Zac Johnson, Zac Johnson’s Dad and Shoemoney. Then she promptly leaves the room looking for something or someone. Once again these videos prove that you should never work with kids or dogs.

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15 thoughts on “Mickey Tato Head”

  1. LOL I’ve worked with kids on many occasions, and it’s true…they can be a little…distracted at times. They’re too cute to not work with though (especially this one) so I’m happy to work through the distractions. So sad that my videos don’t flip automatically when loaded- I hardly ever transfer them to my computer, but good to know. Good seeing you guys again, and come visit soon!

    1. Dina,
      We hope to visit soon, we love going to Florida, not sure when that will happen.

      You can actually flip the video in programs like Adobe Premiere Elements.

      1. That seems a bit personal, then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if the next video post from Ted or Ashley comes from a shower…PG, of course.

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